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Nothing ruins the look of your lawn like overgrown, out of control weeds. In fact, it doesn’t take a jungle of weeds to ruin your lawn, even one weed can ruin the aesthetic of your lawn. Weeds are unsightly, unhealthy for your lawn, and can have defensive spines that can be painful if you walk or play on your lawn. Luckily, weed problems aren’t a new phenomenon and there are some incredibly efficient tactics for preventing and removing them. The lawn care specialists at Divine Lawns have years of landscaping experience and can implement a plan to routinely prevent and kill weeds, keeping your lawn looking beautiful and healthy. There are two courses of action known as pre-emergent, a preventative measure that stops weeds before they have the chance to root. The other is called post-emergent, which involves weed killer or manual extraction. Our team of experts knows exactly what it takes to keep your lawn looking its best.

Optimal Growing Conditions for Weeds

Your lawn grows and prospers under certain conditions, so weeds must operate the same way, right? Unfortunately not. You might be wondering, what conditions do weeds grow the best? The answer is all of them. Too much nitrogen in the soil, optimal conditions for bluegrass weeds. Overly wet soil, perfect conditions for bentgrass to sprout up. Is your soil very compacted, Knotweed finds a way. I think you get the point, the reason weeds are so prolific is because of their incredible resilience and ability to overcome difficult conditions. As a resident of Kansas, your lawn is most likely to be afflicted by any of the following weeds:
  • Dandelions
  • Clover
  • Crabgrass
  • Chickweed
  • Henbit
The team of experts at Divine Lawns has a keen eye for weed types and can identify the species that are plaguing your lawn. Once the species has been identified, we can eliminate the weeds, but also use it as an insight into an underlying issue your lawn is experiencing. For example, if a weed that prospers in overly wet soil has taken hold of your lawn, that could mean you have a drainage issue and excess amounts of water are pooling under your lawn. You should trust weed control to a team of professionals to ensure it is done correctly.

How Weeds Affect Your Lawn

We all know how unsightly weeds are, they are an eyesore, but is there more to weeds than visual appearance? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Weeds are incredibly aggressive species of plants that focus on growth and expansion. Goals like that require a lot of resources, in this case, soil nutrients and water. Left untreated, weeds will begin to compete with your lawn for nutrients and actually begin to starve your grass. These kinds of weeds often have an extensive root system that is excellent at collecting resources and also ensuring the survival of the plant. Some species of weed can regrow from the root and persist underground unless treated properly. When weeds begin to take hold of your lawn, as nutrients and water become less available, your lawn will suffer. Not only can it affect the appearance of nearby grass, but weeds often grow taller and overshadow your lawn. In the short term, your grass will die, and in the long term, you will be left with a very patchy, bare spotted lawn.

How Can Weed Control Keep My Lawn Weed Free?

Weed control is a broad statement that incorporates preventative and reactive measures of control. The most obvious form is reactive. You see weeds sprouting up on your lawn and you either spray them with weed killer or attempt to manually extract them. The other measure is a form of prevention, where regular weed control is applied to stop weeds from growing in the first place. The final step to weed control is recognizing which weeds prosper on your lawn and altering the biome to remove conditions that the weeds find favorable.


This form of weed control involves routinely scheduling weed treatment for your lawn. Prevention is always the best method, as stopping weeds before they form will keep your lawn as healthy as possible. By stopping weeds early, it saves the nutritional composition of your soil and doesn’t allow the weeds to compromise the health of your lawn. Pre-emergent weed treatment is an option offered by Divine Lawns landscaping service and can be provided at regular intervals to ward off invasive weeds.


If you require post-emergent weed control, that means weeds have already taken root and you now need a solution that can exterminate the weed and its roots. These formulas are always going to be harsher than pre-emergent and require careful use. Once the weed killer has had time to take effect, you still need to manually extract the weed from the root to ensure that it is dead and out of sight. We always recommend an extensive pre-emergent treatment to save you the time and effort of having to remove those pesky grown-in weeds. As mentioned above, allowing weeds to sprout means that the nutrients in your soil have been unnecessarily depleted.

Preventative Landscaping

If you recognize that weeds seem to always spout up in the same place, there is a good chance that the conditions in that area are optimal for their growth. It’s important to consult a lawn care professional who can identify the weed and recommend ways to ward off that species of weed. Whether that is changing the composition or density of the soil, increasing the water roll-off, or adding things like mulch to prevent weed growth.

Call Divine Lawns for Expert Weed Control

If you have weeds that are choking out your lawn, are unsightly and persistent, call the professionals at Divine Lawns. Now Servicing Lawns in El Dorado, Augusta, Towanda, and Surrounding Areas all Across Kansas, we have years of experience in pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control services. Our team can schedule routine treatments that will keep your lawn looking neat, healthy, and greener than ever.