This week’s blog will give you tips and tricks to getting the most amazing lawn in Kansas. We will provide the crucial secret formula on how to get the amazing lawn you deserve.  Secret formula? Yes! Remember that “secret stuff” Michael Jordan gave Daffy Duck in the original Space Jam Movie? Like that, we will provide our “secret stuff” from the great athletes of the number 17th ranked team in the NCAA, just in time for March Madness! That’s right. We will teach you how to get an amazing lawn using the secrets of the Kansas Jayhawks!  So let’s take the court and find out what we need to do!  An offensive approach.

Why is lawn maintenance so important?

Just like a great starting five, lawn maintenance is an essential part of your property. If lawn maintenance is done properly, it will drastically increase your property’s curb appeal and value, just like a great starting five drastically increases your chances of winning! Consistency is key on the court, and similar to that, lawns need consistency as well. Consistent maintenance on your lawn provides a healthy environment for your grass’s growth while also preventing disease and pests. Much like a great defense prevents scoring and rebounding! 

Why is lawn care important?

Sometimes maintenance isn’t the only key to winning. In lawns and basketball, there is much more needed to win. Athletes need to have a balance of nutrition and hydration to get the best results. The same thing goes for your lawn. You want to make sure your lawn is watered or hydrated properly. You want to water your lawn at least an inch per week for maximum results. Keep in mind rainfall plays into the overall total of water your lawn needs for that week. Like an athlete, you want to show up hydrated and ready to go for game time. Your lawn should be watered in the morning so that your grassroots can take it in and the water can be absorbed and left to dry during the hottest part of the day, the afternoon. This will allow your lawn to remain dry during the nighttime to be less susceptible to diseases and pests.  Nutrition and exercise are important for athletes on the Kansas Jayhawks. The same goes for your lawn. Its nutrition comes in the form of fertilizer. Fertilizing your lawn keeps it healthy and allows for your lawn to flourish. Spring is the perfect season to fertilizer your lawn. You want to apply your fertilizer correctly during the right season and the right amount to ensure a winning formula for a vibrant and healthy lawn. 

Why are seasonal cleanups important? 

Exercise is also an important part of a winning formula and goes hand in hand with nutrition. However, in this case, your lawn will not be doing exercise, but you will. Make sure to do seasonal cleanups on your lawn. Spring is the perfect season to remove leftover fallen leaves and dead grass that may have occurred during the winter. Please make sure you clean at the beginning and end of each season so that it sets your lawn up for a winning formula all year round. Cleanups also prevent lawn disease from entering and killing your lawn and keep it clean while still keeping that great curb appeal of your property. Cleanups also include your tools that are used for your lawn as well. After every game, jerseys and towels need to be washed, so your tools do too!  vibrant and healthy lawn

The defensive scheme. 

The defense approach to having an amazing lawn is simple. The answer is an herbicide. Before we get into herbicide, we want to make sure you do a few things before applying herbicide. Those things are: 
  1. Pulled any weeds visible out with your hand. 
  2. Looked up and researched herbicide
  3. Asked professionals about herbicide
  4. Made a decision that is right for your specific lawn and needs
Once you did those necessary steps, it will lead you to the right herbicide or weed killer. Sometimes defenses play man or zone. You have to find the right one for you. Weedkiller will attack your weeds and ultimately destroy them, hopefully preventing them from coming back. With the proper lawn care and maintenance, weeds will not come back as quickly and in large quantities. Now that we have a killer defense to go with our outstanding offense, we almost have the perfect formula for our amazing lawn! 

What’s left, you say? 

Well, you can have a great offense and killer defense but may not know how to use them or how to get the best results from them. This is where you need the last piece of the winning formula. The coach!

The Right Coach

Why should I hire professionals to take care of my lawn?  Great coaches know what to do with great players. Great coaches know how to build a team and get the best results. That is what separates winning coaches from losing coaches.   The head coaching position on any team should be a person with great experience, a passion for the sport, and someone who knows what they are doing and has full knowledge of the sport. That is what a professional has.  Hiring a professional is great for you too. You have a say in who to hire and what tasks need to be done. It allows frees up what little time you had away from work and life, now that you do not have to do all this work on your own.  Lawn care and maintenance seem like easy work, but it needs to be done year-round. Some things need to be done at certain times, decisions need to be made, and all of that is separate from your own professional life and home life. IT IS JUST TO MUCH!  It is a commonality that people attempt to do this work on their own, end up doing more damage than good, and call professionals anyway. Now you spent money doing it on your own, caused more work that needed to be done, and you are actually spending more money than you would have if you hired a professional at the beginning.  Not everyone can be Phil Jackson! However, you can be apart of the winning team! Now that the “secret stuff” is out of the bottle and the winning formula has been shared, it is up to you to do the rest So call us today at Divine Lawns and let us help you get the amazing lawn you deserve! We are proud to serve the residents of El Dorado, Augusta, and Towanda, KS.  And of course… Go JAYHAWKS!