It is important to keep the pristine look of a landscape. But is there more to trimming hedges and shrubs than just the look? We all know a well-trimmed bush is more appealing than a bush with unruly branches, but what are the overall benefits?  Some people may begin to feel that their hedges, bushes, or shrubs are closing in on them. Well, that could be because they are when they haven’t been trimmed. Or maybe that person is claustrophobic. Either way, it is not an enjoyable feeling when it comes to your landscape.  Trimming leads to curb appeal and increased property value, as most pristine things tend to do. However, what are some other benefits of trimming your hedge and shrubs? Hopefully, this blog will get you the answers you need.  The benefits that we will be discussing today are: 
  • Safety
  • Deters pests and disease
  • Barrier
  • Growth 
  • Control
Let’s CUT through the small talk and get straight into the information! 

What can trimming my hedges and shrubs do to my property?

Well, one thing is for certain. Your landscape and property will be much safer with properly trimmed and pruned hedges and shrubs. When the weather gets rough outside, and heavy rainfall or crazy winds occur, your property can be in danger. If your hedges and shrubs have been properly trimmed or pruned, the chances of debris falling or branches flying onto your property or car decrease greatly. You can vastly decrease the risk of damage just by making sure the hedges and shrubs are trimmed. 

Do trimming hedges and shrubs prevent pests?

Yes, trimming hedges and shrubs lowers the chances of insects on your property. Consistent pruning automatically deters pests from taking up residence in your shrubs. Trimming hedges and shrubs also lowers the chance of disease growing on your property as well. This is because trimming diseased branches stops their spread. When your hedges and shrubs are properly trimmed and pruned, the overall health of your landscape improves. If you do not properly remove any dead or diseased parts of your plants, then the risk of insect infestation and disease increases. 

Can my hedges and shrubs act as natural barriers?

Hedges and shrubs can act as great natural barriers to your landscape and property. In fact, a perfectly manicured hedge or shrub is the ultimate environmentally friendly natural barrier. They can serve as natural fences, which would make your landscape more sustainable. Depending on how tall the hedges are, they can increase the privacy on your property too!

Does trimming my hedges and shrubs promote growth?

hedges and shrubs trimming Trimming your hedges and shrubs promotes growth. When you have natural barriers on your landscape, such as hedges and shrubs, they will keep unwanted pests, insects, and diseases away from your landscape. When they deter pests, insects, and disease, they are improving the health of your entire environment for the rest of your landscape too!   Also, trimming your hedges and shrubs allows you to control your plants’ height and width. This has an impact on the look of your overall landscape. Now, we aren’t telling you to get into tournaments when it comes to trimming your hedges and shrubs, although some of those projects are amazing and works of art. Controlling the size of your hedges and shrubs simply puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to all things involving your landscape. 

What is the best time of year to trim hedges and shrubs?

The best time of year to trim your hedges and shrubs in the spring and fall seasons. However, the precise time within those seasons to trim is completely dependent on your individual situation. If your landscape is completely overgrown, then you should trim immediately. For your flowering plants, you will want to trim them after they are fully flowered. For non-flowing plants, you will want to trim them between late-winter and your spring cleanup.  You will also want to complete the entire process again. The next time to complete the trimming of your hedges, shrubs, and rest of your landscape will be during the fall cleanup just before winter hits. 

Should I hire professionals to trim my hedges and shrubs?

You should absolutely hire professionals to trim your hedges and shrubs. For many reasons, but an obvious one is safety. You are using tools that can be dangerous if not used properly. You will also need personal protective equipment (PPE) if you plan to take this task on. At the bare minimum, you should have glasses with shields to protect your eyes from debris, as well as long sleeves or pants to prevent cuts.  If you wanted to receive all the trimming benefits that we mentioned in the blog, remember that the service must be done properly and as perfectly as possible. The best way to ensure great results is to hire a professional who does that for a living. You do not diagnose yourself when you are sick. Instead, you go to the doctor. So why not hire a professional in this case as well?  We have to erase the stigma of services being too expensive or not important enough. If you want things right, you have to go about it in the right way. If you are not fully qualified or knowledgeable enough to do it, then you should not do it. And you do not just do the job yourself or hire the cheapest option to complete the service because you end up getting what you paid for. Then, you will have to call a professional company and spend more time and money than you would have if you called them first.  So what is the best company to hire for hedge and shrub trimming? The company that will help you with all your lawn care and landscaping needs, of course! That is us at Divine Lawns. We proudly serve the residents of El Dorado, Augusta, and Towanda, KS.  So trim one thing off your to-do list and give us a call today!