Spring is approaching and, in some cases, may even be here already. However, now is the time to get your lawn in shape. Much like us, lawns go into hibernation in the winter and need to get back into shape, as some of us do. We use the spring to start walking and losing our winter weight. Well, our lawn needs to get back into its healthiest form as well. The good thing is, it is not as hard to get back into shape as it is for us. However, it is tedious work that takes up the bulk of your time.  Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game when it comes to lawn maintenance. As it is time-consuming and tedious, we recommend calling us here at Divine Lawns and leave the work up to the professionals! Our staff has been waiting for winter to leave so we can help you get your lawn ready for spring!  Here is a quick list of lawn maintenance that needs to be done in the spring: 
  1. Aeration
  2. Overseeding
  3. Weed Removal
  4. Fertilize
  5. Watering
  6. Mowing
  7. Cleanups
That is a quick list of services that need to be done in the Spring alone. Based on your lawn’s overall condition, you may need more services and more attention put on your lawn. This is a lot of required time needed for your lawn to get it to its healthiest form and allow it to flourish throughout the spring season. That is why we believe it is the best move for you to call us for support. 

When is the right time for lawn maintenance?  

The first service that needs to happen is your spring cleanup. The idea behind the spring cleanup service is to remove any dead or decayed plant life on your lawn from winter, remove any debris that may have fallen on your property. This prevents lawn disease on your grass and also removes an area for pests and insects to make a home. A cleanup is the first step to getting your lawn ready for all the remaining services. 

What do aeration and overseeding do for my lawn?

your lawn during spring season Another set of services that are better and more effective when done together is aeration and overseeding. We actually have done a whole blog on those services alone here. They help tackle the problem of compaction on your lawn. All the foot traffic that occurs during the winter compacts your lawn’s soil and gives it a spongey feel while also not allowing water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the soil and get to the roots of your lawn. This isn’t good for your lawn because it does not get the required materials it needs to survive.  The combo of aeration and overseeding get rid of that problem. You can rent the equipment to do this service, but it takes a professional to get the best results. You also do not want to leave something like this up to chance because you can end up damaging your lawn. Aeration opens up the soil, so overseeding can be successful. 

When is the right time to fertilize my lawn?

Spring! Spring is the opportune time to fertilize your lawn. You will want to rid your lawn of weeds as well. Pulling out weeds on your property is the best and healthiest way to eradicate them before relying on herbicides. We have done a blog about fertilizer and herbicide as well. However, now is the time of year to do both of these services. Professionals are recommended here as well because choosing the right fertilizer and herbicide is important, and choosing the wrong one can be harmful to your lawn. 

What is the right amount of water for my lawn?

Once your spring services are done, and your lawn is flourishing, you will need to make sure it stays that way! An inch of water a week is the recommended amount of water. That total also includes rainfall, so make sure you do not over-saturate your lawn with water as it can lead to water buildup, puddles, and a fresh breeding ground for lawn disease. The quick solution to this is an irrigation system to monitor your water levels on your property. 

How often should I mow my lawn?

You shouldn’t mow your lawn. A professional should. After all these services are done, and now you have to mow your lawn to maintain its health and allow your grass to flourish, why leave it up to chance? Or sacrifice your free time to do it? That is where a professional comes in. They get quality results while you get back time in your busy schedule.  Mowing seems like a simple task, but it is a task that requires attention to detail. You must make sure that your lawn is at the right height to continue to flourish. You must also be careful not to cut the grass too short or risk damaging your lawn. Hiring a professional can prevent that situation.  We just spent this blog letting you know all the services that should be done to your lawn to maintain it this spring season. Make sure you check out our blog here about common lawn mistakes that you can make in doing some of these projects and more!  Again, hiring the right professional goes a long way in this process to ensure your lawn is ready for the spring, looks healthy and vibrant, and has the opportunity to grow and flourish.  Divine Lawns is that professional team that you are looking for. We are here for all your lawn maintenance needs and more!  Call us today for your free estimate!