It is that time of year again. Where we take the daunting task of cleaning and bring it outside to our lawn or landscape. The only bright side to cleaning your outdoor area is that there are probably no large amounts of pet hair or children’s toys scattered about since we just got done with winter.  You have probably dreaded this time of year and made excuse after excuse to prolong the inevitable. This is the time to clean your lawn and landscape. Lucky for you, though, Divine Lawns is available to help with your seasonal cleanups. Many people hire a cleaning person for the houses, so why not hire a professional service to come and clean your lawn or landscape?  A lot of people do not really understand what a full cleanup service is. People assume that the company will just come and pick up all the things that do not belong on your lawn or what you want to be removed from your landscape, but the truth is, the service is a lot more than that.  Our blog today is going to feature our spring/seasonal cleanup service here at Divine Lawns. We will tell you all about the service itself and the many benefits of spring cleanups. 

What is included in our spring cleanup?

We want to get the rumors out of the way first. The first part of any cleanup involves the removal of all the remaining dead leaves that are left on your lawn or landscape from the fall and winter. They were left behind, and now it is time to remove them. Besides getting rid of the leaves, we also want to eliminate any fallen or dead debris, stalks, and plants on your lawn or landscape.  That is not the end of the service!!! People think that is all there is to seasonal cleanups. However, with Divine Lawns, we also provide these services within our seasonal cleanups: 
  1. Trimming back of the ornamental grasses. 
  2. Checking for snow mold. 
  3. Option to complete preemergent service to prevent weeds for the season. 
On some occasions, other services can be involved based on the condition of your lawn and landscape. Sometimes hedges and shrubs need to be trimmed, or pruning needs to be done. The idea behind a spring/seasonal cleanup is to make sure that your lawn or landscape can breathe. In most cases, this is the first time your lawn or landscape will breathe properly since the end of the fall season. We offer options to add on additional services. 

What are some benefits of seasonal/spring cleanups?

Spring or seasonal cleanups are not only about cleaning and making your lawn or landscape breathe again. Do not get us wrong. That is important to the process. However, seasonal cleanups do even more than that. The cleanup makes your property look fresh, clean, and brand new, which adds curb appeal to your property. That curb appeal and pristine look actually increase the overall value of your property. So a neat and clean look inside and out raises the price of your property.  More importantly than these factors, seasonal cleanups prevent many threats from damaging or even killing your lawn. Under those leaves, extra moisture, mold, and pests could be lurking! Removing the leaves removes the threat and ultimately makes your lawn less susceptible to damage caused by diseases, such as snow mold or pests.  Oh, wait, there is more!  Removing all the debris and dead leaves and plant life on your lawn or landscape also helps it breathe. This act is the beginning of the season for your lawn and landscape. It provides an environment that is promoting growth and health for your lawn and landscape! You then want to trim the ornamental grass to promote health and growth to the grass just like you are doing to your lawn or landscape.  For added benefits, we recommend scheduling preemergent applications at this time. These sprays are needed to prevent weeds from growing and ultimately killing the environment you just worked so had to build.

When is the best time to start lawn services in the spring?

As we said, the spring cleanup is the first step. Now is the right time to start picking a date or setting a time with yourself or a professional to get this done. This is an important first step because all other required services to get you to your property goals must be done after this task is complete. It is essentially holding up your other spring services.  You have to fertilize before the summer weather arrives. However, you can not fertilize until your grass is grown. You should set time aside for your preemergent service to prevent weeds. Your first lawn application this season should be done in the late spring, which is considered early May. But we have a week till April, so it is approaching quicker than you think!  Remember, all of these services, applications, and treatments are all dependent upon your lawn or landscape’s overall health and condition. 

Why should I hire a professional to do my spring cleanups?

Again, do not get us wrong. We believe you can do the cleanups we mentioned throughout this blog. But we want you to hear us out as well. These tasks and services need to be done to perfection to establish and rebuild your lawn and landscape to a healthy vibrant environment. All the small details and tricks and tips matter. It also takes keen eyes and patience.  We are not saying you do not have the qualities. However, you may not have the time. You may not want to clean or do it properly. Some people do it just to do it. You may see some results, but you won’t see the best results. Hiring a professional, especially us here at Divine Lawns, you will get the best services, and in return, your lawn and landscape will get the best results You will not need tools, equipment, rentals, or weekends free to work. All you need is a phone to call us today and let us help you with your seasonal cleanups and other lawn care or lawn maintenance services this spring!  Divine Lawns is always here to help!