The act of lawn care, in general, is undeniably a gigantic task for people who own properties with extensive lawns or landscapes. One of the most, if not the most, critical times of the year to care for a lawn is during the spring season. Since the spring season is occurring now, we wanted to write about a lawn care combination that everyone should be doing this spring.  With that said, we here at Divine Lawns are passionate about helping you achieve your best lawn with the right combination of services! Those services will be the core focus of the blog this week. We are talking about aeration and overseeding! They are the best one-two combination for your lawn needs!  These two services alone can be done to your lawn and drastically improve your turf’s overall health and look after the harsh winter it just went through. The aeration service can be done by you, the property owner, by renting or buying an aeration machine to use on your own time. The better option is calling professionals like us at Divine Lawns to provide the service for you along with overseeding too!  This blog will give you all the information you need about aeration and overseeding, including: 
  1. What do these services do? 
  2. What is the impact of compaction on my lawn? 
  3. What are the benefits of these services? 
Let’s get started! 

What are aeration and overseeding services?

The combination of services starts after your lawn has been damaged. We are referring to soil compaction. Aeration is the only service that responds to a lawn with compacted soil. Compaction is actually more common than people realize.  Compaction occurs when certain events occur on your lawn or landscape, events with foot traffic, children and family pets playing, or cars parked on the turf during a house party or celebration. All those specific things and more will cause your lawn and its soil to become compacted. Another thing that automatically leads to your soil being compacted is when you get your lawn rolled.  By getting an aeration service appropriately done by a professional, the results will rid your lawn of its compacted soil. We’ll literally put holes in your lawn that will allow water, air, and nutrients to get to your soil and grassroots. It sounds crazy, but it works! Removing the soil plugs makes a huge difference! Once your lawn has been aerated, you can then add the combination service of overseeding, knowing your new seeds have the perfect environment to thrive in! 

What is the overall impact compacted soil will have on my lawn?

Since we already talked about what will cause a lawn to have compaction or compacted soil, let us now discuss why having compacted soil is bad for your lawn. Depending on what type of soil you have on your lawn, compaction may even occur faster. For example, compaction occurs quicker with clay soil than it does with sandy soil. So, make sure you determine the type of soil you have on your lawn if compaction occurs.  Compaction occurs when the soil becomes bound together. This blocks all passages to the roots and prevents them from receiving any nutrients for healthy growth. Compaction will ultimately prevent your lawn from growing and flourishing until the issue is dealt with. 

How will I know my lawn’s soil has been compacted?

There are a few ways to tell that your lawn has become compacted. Here are the more common ways to tell: 
  • After significant rainfall, there will be a considerable amount of puddles formed on your lawn because the water cannot be absorbed into the soil. 
  • The overall feel of your soil when walking on it will feel thick, bouncy, and spongey as if you were on springs. 
The color of your lawn will also not be its usual bring green color, which means it is dehydrated, hence the change of color (brown).

What else do I need to know about aeration and overseeding?

Earlier in the blog, we stated that it is possible to rent or buy your own aeration machine. But remember, that costs money, requires free time, and requires knowledge of how to perform the service. Hiring professionals guarantees the best results possible with none of the stress.  Aeration is a service that has to be done at least once a year, depending on the overall condition of your lawn. You can do it either at the beginning of the fall or spring season, which is why we are doing this blog now! The spring season is an essential time of year to aerate your lawn before the weeds start to form. Aeration will not only rid your property of compacted soil but also prevent weeds from forming too. (Important Fact: If you notice that the dandelions have started growing already, it is too late to aerate!) When you aerate again in the fall, the service prepares your lawn for the following spring by allowing your lawn to grow healthy, more vibrant, and thicker throughout the winter season and set it up correctly for the upcoming spring season.  Overseeding is the special move of this combo service. Usually always combined with an aeration service, overseeding brings new seeds into the soil of your lawn. This allows your lawn to grow thicker and more robust because it helps fill the parts of your turf that are bare.  If you don’t have the time to devote to this service, call the professionals at Divine Lawns now!