Cruising the web about the Golden Land, you can find imagery that denotes one thing significant about our town: the small-town charm that existed in 1871 is still very much alive and thriving 150 years later. El Dorado is a town full of culture and rich history. There are plenty of fun facts to be known about our town and some pretty interesting people who once called El Dorado home.

Where the “Golden Land” Began

Nestled along the trails that led explorers from the East Coast to the West, El Dorado began its humble beginnings in 1870. During a time when towns were fragile in their ability to thrive, El Dorado did a fantastic job growing steadily. Due to there having been already established industry for several years before its incorporation, El Dorado flourished in ways that many surrounding townships were not. This area of our country was plagued with many large fires during this period. El Dorado was unique in that it was never devastated by the flames of fires that took whole towns out with them. El Dorado was fortunate in having a relatively peaceful existence and brought itself on the map by way of the exciting new transportation option of the era: the railway. Just a few short years after its incorporation, El Dorado became more than a mere spot on the map as a branch of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway. Part of a line that connected ten cities made it a very valuable spot for commerce. El Dorado has continued its popularity as a hub. Even into the 21st century. Today, El Dorado has become a hub stop amid Kansas’s most important highways.

All the Pertinent Facts

In 1915, El Dorado was able to gain its first true first. With the use of up incoming technology, the El Dorado oil field was found with geological mapping. This oil field supplied out to a great deal of the country, and in fact, within several years became the top producing oil field in the United States. According to historians, this oil field has been deemed “the one that won World War I.” El Dorado makes up for the sweat with relatively mild winters with its summers that tend to the humid. In the harsher winters, we may accumulate a couple of inches of snow, but overall, we just chill. Our summers are awesome too, with temps hardly getting up above 90 degrees.  Our quaint town has generally stayed the same size in the last 50 years. While we haven’t stayed stagnant with a great population leaving for greener grass, we have stayed relevant with the population that loves to raise their families here. We are proud of our homey feel, our richness in experiences in the heart of the Midwest.

Cool Facts About El Dorado

We love America’s parks and rec system! This is evident in the many parks that we offer to the families who reside here. Our State Park, the El Dorado State Park, offers excellent activities like boating and fishing. When our town was still a young 25 years, William Allen White, who would later become one of Kansas’s most popular press members, bought the newspaper still going strong today, the Emporia Gazette. However, even legends like White get their start somewhere. White’s career began right here in El Dorado, as well as being a homeowner here. At the turn of the century, it was unheard of in the United States to have an all-woman just about anything. Being a progressive town in a sometimes-unyielding Midwest, El Dorado is proud to have been home to the first all-women jury – in 1912. Maybe not enough to be known as the Midwest Hollywood, a bit of Tinsel Town has made its mark here in El Dorado. The 1960s brought stars like Gene Hackman to El Dorado to film 1969’s “The Gypsy Moths” at the Frazier House. More recently, part of the docuseries, “American Pickers” featured The Hot Rod Café.

Interesting Folks from About Town

Every town, especially small Midwestern towns like El Dorado, loves its claims to fame. We are of course no exception. We love to know interesting folks who once resided here or came from here that went on to be big somebodies. Steve Broadie, born in El Dorado in 1919, made being a film star his career – to the tune of 79 films! While many of his films were lesser-known, many considered “B” movies, he had a couple of roles in more well-known features like “Blue Hawaii” and “The Admiral Was a Lady”. Like father, like son, Bobby Douglass was raised by his football coach father to be a football star in El Dorado. Spanning 11 seasons with the NFL, the quarterback played for the Chicago Bears, San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints, and Green Bay Packers.  Probably the star of our notable folks from beautiful El Dorado is the amazing Addison “Mort” Walker. Born in El Dorado in 1923, he grew up loving to draw – even being a cartoonist for his elementary school newspaper. By his teens, he was already selling his cartoons to magazines. After serving our country in WWII and graduating college, he put his creative artistry to use and created “Beetle Bailey” and “Hi and Lois” – two of the most popular comics still today.

Why Divine is Proud of El Dorado

Our love of community is allowed to shine bright in the presence of El Dorado. Our provincial town that is timeless and classic deserves to be kept looking that way. Grace and beauty are what our commitment is to every project we undertake. Divine Lawns is proud to offer services like aeration, fertilization, mowing, lawn maintenance, mulching, yard cleanup, and many more to El Dorado. Our community of residential and businesses alike has unique needs under the landscaping umbrella that Divine Lawns is happy to execute with the highest quality. After all, a neat lawn isn’t just beautiful; it’s Divine.