What are the best pruning and trimming tips for Kansas?

Have you ever wondered what gives a home that perfect curb appeal? Is it the flowerbeds popping with vibrant colors that cover every corner of your yard. Or could it be that lush green lawn that makes your neighbors green with envy every time they pass by your home? 

Now it could be a combination of beautiful grass and colorful flowerbeds, but if you want the truth, it’s how well the yard is maintained, especially having all your trees trimmed to perfection. 

If you want a yard that stays healthy and will flourish throughout every season, you need to consistently make sure it gets the nutrients it needs while keeping up with pruning and trimming. For example, when a yard has overgrown trees with branches going in every direction, the only solution is to keep those branches from blocking out the sunlight and rain by at least trimming them once a year. 

Now, if you are trying to stimulate growth, pruning will bring the best results. However, it would help if you kept in mind that timing is essential when trying to keep a well-maintained yard, and that is why we want to give you some great tips we have found that can help with all your trimming and pruning questions. 

Divine Lawns is on the cutting edge of having the best pruning and trimming tips for El Dorado, Augusta, Towanda, KS. 

What do I need to use for trimming and pruning my yard?

Have you ever walked into a garden center store and felt overwhelmed? How could there be this many options to choose from just to trim up your yard. Well, just to let you know, not using the proper yard tools can be the fine line between perfect curb appeal and damaged plants and trees that will need replacing, 

If you want the perfect go-to tool for pruning, then having hand shears will be worth their weight in gold. Hand shears can cut up to a ¾” diameter and will be the perfect way to keep all those beautiful knockout roses perfectly shaped and flourishing every season. Something else to keep in mind is knockout roses aren’t susceptible to fungal diseases, so great accent for any yard! 

Another area you can use hand shears is to keep those hedges from growing out of control. You never want to have the hedges get so overgrown that they start blocking out the sunlight, depleting nutrients, and stunting their growth. 

So if you cut the branches at a 45-degree angle above the leaflet, this will help the sunlight get directly to the stem and help it flourish. It also will help with the direction of growth, so the hedges will cover whatever area you need them to go in your yard. 

If you need a more even cut to branches, you will get outstanding results with a Bypass pruner. This tool works because it has a sharp blade at the top with an unsharpened blade on the bottom, so when trying not to cause stress to fruits, flowers, or vegetables, it gives it a clean cut. If the branches are more prominent, you may want to use either lopping shears or a pole pruner, which is an excellent option for those hard-to-cut branches. 

Now, if you have bushes and trees that you want to get those dead branches off or just want to shape the tree for the upcoming season, then having an electric or battery trimmer will bring outstanding results. Of course, if you are trying to cut more extensive hedges, then you may want a gas trimmer or a string trimmer for those hard-to-reach areas around your landscaping.

When should you trim or prune your yard?

As we have mentioned many times before, timing is everything when trying to have a well-maintained yard. When you prune your plants in late winter when they are not producing buds and are dormant, it gives them a jumpstart to a healthier growing season; of course, if you have flowering shrubs, you don’t want to prune until the last flower falls off as it will help strengthen the shrub for the next season. 

If your yard is flowing with trees, keeping them looking their best is a sure way to add to the perfect curb appeal. This is why you always want to remove damaged branches regardless of the season, as leaving dead branches will cause your tree additional stress on top of any change in the temperatures.  

We recommend having a schedule for trimming trees late in the fall or early spring when the trees are dormant. But, of course, if you want to alleviate any stress for you or your yard, then let our dependable team get the job done right for you!

Is there a right or wrong way to trim and prune?

Once you establish when you should be trimming and pruning your yard, the question becomes, can you cause damage while pruning and trimming. The short answer is yes, you can cause damage, especially if you think all pruning tools are alike and that trimming is just about hacking away at a shrub to try and make it smaller. 

The goal is to let the blade guide you as you slowly remove small areas of the trees and bushes, approximately a few inches at a time. You also want to make sure you are starting at the bottom and working your way upward; you should also stop in-between areas and brush your hand back across the bushes to ensure you have a well-balanced plant. 

So let’s cut to the chase; are you ready to ultimately get the best results when trimming and pruning without lifting a finger? Then it’s time to have our reliable team get you on a schedule where we can come out and offer you premium lawn maintenance services? Our programs include aeration, overseeding, weed control, mulching, pest control, seasonal cleanups, stump grinding, and landscape maintenance. 

We aim to not only help you have a great lawn – but a Divine one.