Look out the window. Snow. And lots of it. Someone will have to shovel it off the driveway and the walkways and clear the doors. Just looking at it makes your backache and your fingers blister. Who are you gonna call? Divine.

Calling in your trusted pros would be the best thing for you and your lawns and gardens, as well as your paved areas. So let’s look at this logically.

Things that have to be done when removing snow:

  • Snow has to be removed and put somewhere else. A professional will have machines that will just suck that stuff up and pile it where it can’t do any damage.
  • Driveways and paths have to be de-iced as well as de-snowed. A professional would have the tools for that, too. And they will know how to apply it.
  • More snow will come. The professionals will come back to deal with it.

Let’s look at that list. First, snow has to be removed and put somewhere. A lot of professionals use a plow for big jobs. For instance, if your driveway is half a mile long, they will probably bring the plow. The plow will scrape the snow off the driveway and push it into a pile somewhere else. Then, they will do their best to scrape it to the pavement.

Pathways are usually done with a snowblower. This is where the sucking up of the snow takes place. To kids and cats, it’s pretty amusing to see the snow blown away from the paths and sidewalks. The professional might even use it to clear the edges of the driveway if there were spots the plow couldn’t reach.

Now that the snow has been relocated, your professional, Divine, will check for ice. And let’s face it, they will find some. After all, there was snow all over that area just moments ago. They will apply deicer. It might be a natural deicer, like salt and sand, or a chemical deicer. If it’s a chemical deicer, your community probably has rules about chemicals in the run-off in the storm drains. Your professionals at Divine will be aware of the rules.

And, just as the plow truck turns out of sight, a few flakes fall from the sky, landing right on your nose. 

Snow removal 101

All joking aside, there are excellent reasons to call in professionals for snow removal. 

  1. The first, and most important, is your health and well-being. Shoveling snow is hard work. It can strain muscles where you didn’t know you had muscles. It can tax strength to the point of exhaustion. And, every winter, someone we know or that someone we know knows has a heart attack while shoveling snow. We don’t want that to happen to you.
  2. Did you know that there are some basic sensible things you should be doing with a deicer to protect your lawn and garden? For instance, there should be at least ten inches between the deicer and the border of the lawn. That means on every pathway, driveway, and sidewalk, someone will have to keep track of where the lawn is under the piled snow. That someone should be a professional.
  3. Snowing again? Yes, I said that, didn’t I? Not only that, but with the broad plains that Kansas boasts, snow will blow around without the help of a noisy machine. It will pile up all on its own, depending on the direction of the wind. It might cover your front door, garage, and necessary outbuildings. You might be snowbound till someone digs you out. 

There are other safety issues involved in heavy snow. You have been through this before, so you know most of this. 

  • Power lines can sag and snap under the weight of the snow and ice. Power to your house can be out for hours. Days. Maybe weeks. Your professional team at Divine might be called in to dig you out, so you can go someplace warm for the duration. 
  • Pipes can burst, hoses can rupture, and anything wet will freeze. Basements and other low-lying areas might flood. Again, special services may be needed, but you might not have contact with the professionals you need. Divine might be able to refer you to some of the pros you need.
  • Markets and stores have been known to close after a heavy storm, so you might not have all the supplies you need. A full pantry or cellar can alleviate worries about food. Stocking up for emergencies is a choice you have to make for yourself and your family.
  • You might need to evacuate because of a lack of power or food source. You know to keep winter clothes near the door, just in case there’s an emergency. If you have a fireplace, you also have logs and kindling accessible. Have your chimneys been cleaned? Right away.

The weather is pretty unpredictable. It is not entirely so, but it is hard to know what to expect from one winter to the next. And, because we were working from home, staying home, trying to stay well, we have clearer skies than we have had for a long time. That makes a difference to the weather patterns. So, this year especially, we’re looking at whether that may be different than any of the previous years for a long time. Among the predictors we usually look at, el Nino behaves differently than it has in a while. The northern airstream from the west coast to the east is unreliable for prediction. Much of what we might be hearing might be a worst-case or best case, but we don’t know which. So prepare. Take precautions where you can.

Call in the professionals. It’s worth the peace of mind and your continued good health. Your Divine Lawns professionals already do an outstanding job of taking care of your lawns and gardens. However, just because those are not buried under a blanket of snow doesn’t mean care of your property is done. In fact, as a loyal customer, it would probably give them a sense of relief to continue your service through the winter.