A business of your own – it’s the American dream, right? Make your own hours, decorate an elegant space to meet your customers, have classy window displays, ads that entice, shovel snow off the sidewalks, give your customers – Wait! Shovel snow? That white, frozen stuff that falls from the sky and leaves piles of itself everywhere? Freezing into almost immovable ice that people can slide on and fall? NO! Just NO!

Shoveling snow means backaches, frozen fingers and noses, piles of snow blocking doors and windows and sidewalks, and prime parking spaces. Wet socks in wet boots. Wet gloves and wet jackets or coats. Mostly backaches, though.

Maybe we can hire a kid or something. But, no, there’s too much risk involved. What if someone falls and hurts themselves? Lawsuits! It’s time to make the business decision – hire a professional to get rid of snow around the business you worked so hard to make and build? Or take chances that could force the business to close? 

Well, that choice was easy. And, you know the perfect experts to take care of the snow and ice! Divine Lawns! They plow the driveway at home, and they do an excellent job on the paths and sidewalks. But, of course, they do commercial snow removal, too!

Commercial snow removal is a serious business. People are very litigious these days. If something happens to a person or property through neglect or ignorance, they head straight for the courtroom. And they usually win. So, how do we do this?

First, make the call to Divine. They already handle the landscaping and lawns at your home, right? You know how reliable they are. They even take care of things in the winter. They will come to the place of business, discuss the whole idea, make a plan, and the snow worries evaporate. 

They will follow a schedule like the one at your home. Snow has no schedule, though. They will tell you their plans for snow removal at your business. The snow will fall, and they will be there soon after to plow your parking lot, snow blow your sidewalks and crosswalks, and back dock area. They will apply deicer to any area where people have to walk. Divine will do all these things in good time to prevent accidents or falls on your property.

Your customers will be happy they came out to do business with you. Let’s face it, after a heavy snowfall, a lot of people just stay home in front of the fire, keeping warm. Then, they call out for delivery of anything imaginable. But, your customers and clients will know that there’s a safe place to park, a safe place to walk, a place to do business without having to forge paths through piled-up snow and ice.

Do you have questions? Here are answers:

  • How was the snow removal at home handled last winter? It was almost like magic! The snow fell, sometimes all night. And yet, at the first light of day, the driveway was clear, the paths and sidewalks safe.
  • Were plenty of deicers used to combat those dangerous patches of ice? Yes! Even the Grandparents ventured out for the holiday feast!
  • What if the snow kept falling for more than a day? You will be consulted. The forecast will play a big part in the decision you make with Divine about your snow removal.
  • Here’s a big one: How often did you have to call them to find out about the snow removal schedule? Not at all. They always performed and left your home walkways safe.
  • What about the law? Local laws are very different from county and state laws. Yes, that’s true, and Divine knows which laws apply to each situation. Do you know which deicers are allowed for municipal use? Divine does.

Do you want that service for your business? Yes, you do. All of these things will be discussed when Divine and you meet. They will reassure you that you, your customers, and your staff will be safe from ice-related accidents in your parking area and on your sidewalks. Your business can go on as usual, and your worries for yourself, your staff, and your customers will melt away with the ice.

One of the things Divine’s customers worry about is the drifting snow. Kansas is on vast plains, where the wind comes… no, that’s Oklahoma. Kansas is in very much the same situation, though. The plains have wind patterns that sweep the snow before it and pile it up against fences, buildings, houses, and cars. So what could be a pristine blanket of snow when nighttime comes along might be much deeper when you wake in the morning. And not only deeper, but drifts of snow, leaning against the fences, hovering over cars, and blocking traffic and doors.

Divine will get to your property as soon as the weather allows. Then, the snow in your driveways and parking lots will be moved in defiance of the dances of the winds, the sidewalks will be cleared by machine and deicer, and you can go about your business. 

However… Uh oh, here it comes. There are times when the snow emergencies aren’t just personal. There are times when so much snow falls and drifts that the whole state grinds to a halt. Power lines are down or snapped because of a heavy burden of ice. There are times when the snow coverage has significant impacts on highways, governments, and hospitals.

There are times when private companies are called on to help with the snow emergencies covering the state. Someone from your Divine team will make contact or be there to answer your calls. Plans will be made for when your town, city, or state are safe, and individual needs can be prioritized. There are times when patience is at the top of the list. You, as a citizen, our understanding of these needs. You know Divine will make you one of their priorities.