Do you think of your lawn or landscape as a living thing? Do you talk with the flowers while taking care of your bedding plants? When spreading mulch around the roots or bottoms of a tree or shrub, do you sometimes think, “There, this will feel better.”?

You’re not alone. There are many studies about noise and plants, and the results are in: plants like to hear human voices, especially female voices. Charles Darwin suspected a link between plant growth and the vibration of airwaves when they listen to people talk.

Not only was Darwin interested in the connection of plants to sound, but both the Smithsonian and NASA have noticed that mild vibrations, like the sound vibrations of a voice, could positively affect plant growth and health.

If plants can be happy, do you think they are happy when there is trash all over the yard after a hard winter? Do you think they like seeing their leafy friends come out of hiding under piles of mulch after the cold weather has departed for the spring and summer? This very thing is what spring clean-up is all about!

Is a happy landscape more beautiful?

That is the question. Since it’s spring clean-up time, let’s get the landscape in good shape and (if you don’t feel too silly) give the plant life something pleasant to listen to (like music or an audiobook) while you work. Your team from Divine Lawns is taking appointments right now to commence with your spring clean-up.

Although you want to be involved in the maintenance of your landscape, lawns, and home, think about taking a break from the heavy work of clean-up and call your Divine Lawns crew. They can make your landscape look great, and if you have a business, they can clean up that property.

Perks of clean-up with Divine

When Mother Nature decides to let ‘er rip, she tends to leave a mess behind. A complete clean-up as winter ends and spring commences will help make your property safer and more beautiful.

Wet leaves can cause accidental slipping. Loose twigs and branches can cause trips and falls. If these accidents happen on hardscaping, chances are someone will be hurt. It can be a significant liability and can cost more than the value of your house in damages.

Although you want to be involved in the maintenance of your landscape, lawns, and home, think about taking a break from the heavy work of clean-up and call your Divine Lawns crew. They can make your landscape look great, and if you have a business, they can clean up that property and make it safe.

Flower beds, climbing flowers, roses, and ornamentals

Your bedding is a significant and essential part of your landscape. It will need to be cleaned up, too. You’re not going to see much in weeds; the mulch will block most weeds.

If you are doing your flowers yourself, you probably know what needs to be done to bring your bedding to its after-snow health and beauty. Don’t forget to save any garden waste for composting if you have a composting heap. 

Check your mulch while you’re working with your flowers. The purpose of mulch is to keep moisture from escaping and keep weeds from taking root. In addition, it was piled a little deeper in the bedding to help insulate the soil and plants from the cold. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance it might need to be replaced all over your landscape after the brutal winter experienced nearly everywhere in the country.

Your Divine Lawns crew can determine the amount of mulch to replace the old mulch. Their experience will make it possible to calculate how much will be needed. Once you decide what type and color of the mulch you would like, they will be able to order the correct amount. So, if you’ve been thinking of getting mulch that would offer more contrast for your house and flowers, now is the time to plunge!

You probably cut back your roses quite a bit when preparing for winter. You might even have added insulation around them and bagged the stems to keep them safe and viable. However, many people find that their roses still had freeze damage because the winter was pretty bad. 

If this has happened to your roses, trim them back again. Snip off the blackened part, plus about an extra inch. Fertilize, water, and mulch to give the roses the best possible start after a bad winter.

Don’t forget the hardscaping!

Your hardscaping will probably require some extra attention. For example, weeds might have taken hold between stones or pavers. Mold or mildew might have attacked wooden fences and rails. Frost might have “heaved” some stones out of place and must be refilled underneath with sand or stone dust before replacing the stones or pavers.

Wooden barriers and patios will need to be inspected and plans made for repainting or replacing pieces with problems. Other areas will have to be cleaned and refreshed for spring.

Looking good!

You and your team of landscape gurus from Divine Lawns worked a miracle! The grass already looks greener and more robust. Dangling branches have been removed from the trees and other woody plants, and broken twigs and branches have been removed. Everything around the trees and hedges has been raked and prepared for new mulch. 

The bedding areas are also ready for new mulch. The old mulch might have lasted another year, but it was degrading quickly. New mulch will give everything a fresh background. Again, you can look at samples when you go to the garden shop.

While at the garden shop, some new plants and ornamental grasses will be chosen to fill in some of the bedding areas. Winter took its toll there, too.

Through it all, Divine Lawns was there to help and guide you towards the beauty you’ve come to expect from this thoroughly professional group.