Your landscape looks amazing. Do you take care of all the flowers yourself? Such beautiful colors are well-coordinated with the bigger plants’ colors and the house. The white paint with green shutters gives you more scope for imagination.

Mulching probably helps you keep the weeds away, although a few seem to sneak in every week. Do you do everything in the flower beds yourself?

Getting the bedding done, lickety-split!

You are very wise, giving your landscapers the job of most of the care for the flower beds. Almost everyone we know does that, as well. 

The landscapers can see problems, sometimes before they happen. For example, they can see which flowers might not be doing well as the summer gets warmer. And which ones can’t stand up to the constant wind, although the mulch helps with that somewhat. 


And the weeding! Even if only a few weeds are getting through the mulch in each bed, how many beds do you have this year? Oh, yes, we forgot about the new ones terraced above the retaining walls around the patio. They are beautiful, though!

So, that gives you quite an advantage. Enjoy the rest of your landscape with your awesome Divine Lawns landscapers taking care of every little thing. 

Look at some numbers.

Look at some of the numbers. If you only get one weed near each clump of plants or flowers in each flower bed, that would make at least 36 times you’d have to bend over during the day to get rid of the weeds. 

Suppose you are doing extra for the flowers simultaneously, like adding nutrients around them, installing hummingbird feeders or refilling them, evening the spread of mulch, and bending over to do each task. In that case, that’s quite a lot of strain on your back and knees.

We aren’t even counting having to carry around the hand tools and a bag of mulch or pushing a garden cart or wheelbarrow. The wind does tend to blow the lighter pieces of mulch around.

We don’t know about you, but my back and knees are hurting just hearing you say what has to be done every day. Let’s do the big flower bed together, shall we? Then we can go for a nice cold drink.

Common sense for being outside for long periods of time.

You, and your family, probably have some common-sense rules for going outside to work or play. Let’s take a look at those rules.

  1. Water, lots of water. Water for you, not the plants. Drink often. Here’s a good rule: if you are doing things outside and not heading for the restroom at least once an hour, you’re not drinking enough water. The hot, bright sun and the wind evaporate the water you drink before it gets to do any good.
  2. Sunblock and hats. Yeah, it does look a little silly, those big gardening hats. They are supposed to be big, to cover as much of your bare skin as possible. You could bring one of the giant beach umbrellas outside with you, but you would have to move it every time you move. Use the highest SPF of sunblock you can find, and don’t forget to dab it around your lips, eyebrows, tops of your ears, and into the part in your hair.
  3. If you are working barefoot – go put some shoes on. You have garden boots and shoes specially built to withstand mulch and other things while protecting your feet. Let me tell you, sunburn on the soles of your feet is no joking matter.
  4. Know what you are doing out there. If you’re going out to wander around and enjoy the gardens, that’s fine. It’s more than acceptable. But still, prepare for the sun and the wind.
  5. If you are doing weeding, remember to bring a lightweight bucket for waste and hand tools you can toss into the bucket when moving to a new location. And so what if your hand tools get mixed up with the garden waste. It won’t hurt them.
  6. Water. Water, water, water. More water. Got the point yet?

You do good work! Your flower beds look great, although your landscaping team went through them just yesterday. Between you and Divine Lawns, you have the best looking lawn and