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No, aeration is not digging holes to Australia – nor is it poking tiny, needlepoint spots in your grass. Aeration is almost an art form. Aeration needs partnership to be effective – but when that partnership is at its peak, watch out turf! You’re in for some severe growth! 

What is it?

There is a great deal of debate among lawn care professionals about many things having to do with the field we are in. For example, what equipment is the best, the timing of particular processes, and more, keep the green industry innovative and learning and have us butting heads a good bit.

One thing that lives in a harmonious state with landscaping professionals is that the benefits for aeration and overseeding are numerous and will help you get the green lawn you want to achieve. In addition, by taking small plugs of grass and soil throughout your yard, you are creating pathways to a favorable ecosystem in your own backyard.

Let’s take it from the top.

Part of what makes aeration work is the methodology behind the equipment used. Like any vital task, using the wrong gear can have catastrophic results. For example, using a typewriter to write these blogs would severely limit who we could educate with these pieces (literally, only a handful of people would ever lay eyes on them).

Finding and using the right equipment to aerate your lawn can be a monumentally challenging and expensive task for laypeople. It truly isn’t as easy as just going out into your yard with a pencil and proceeding to stab your grass and soil with it. Engaging the proper professionals who have the training and the right mechanics to aerate your lawn is the best start to this necessary process.

Common sense – or it should be.

The science behind aeration and overseeding is ironclad and should be taken as common sense. You create vital pathways during the right time of year when moisture is at a peak to your roots just makes sense.

Unfortunately, there are probably plenty of folks out there reading this who may not even know what aeration is – much less the excellent benefits of it and overseeding as part of your yearly routine maintenance schedule. So we applaud you for taking the time to educate yourself on the value of aeration and the common-sense practice of using it!

Providing a healthy root canal. Literally.

Your roots need air. Plain and simple. Your roots also need water; they require nutrients. Unfortunately, battling their way to your roots through tons of soil can be critically tricky without assistance. So how do you make that happen, all at once, without breaking your back?

Using specific techniques and machinery, aeration removes plugs of grass and soil throughout your lawn – creating a highway of good stuff that flows through the soil like blood in your veins. The pathways creating allow your roots to absorb all the things they need to gain strength and growth.

No need to thatch anything in the 21st century.

When the grass breaks the soil’s surface, reaching its blades to the sun, it is already halfway through its lifecycle. Nothing lives forever, and the grass is no different. So, over time, your grass dies, leaving behind dead and decaying material that builds on the soil, trying to help the new, young grass grow.

Thatch is a natural part of your lawn’s life – but when it builds up, it creates a barrier between the soil and the nutrients it needs to help the grass grow. So when you aerate your lawn, you are creating roadways through the forest of thatch to help reduce how much buildup there needs to be.

Renew, reuse, recycle – aeration does it all.

Remember that while the earth itself may not be living and breathing, there are loads of nutrients on a microscopic level that do, which helps feed your roots what they need to grow. Going through your yard space, aerating with proper technique, removes plugs of grass and soil that now dot your lawn with their presence.

But not for long. These bits of earth that resemble apple cores will break down, releasing into the soil recycled nutrients. This is all without harmful chemicals and is truly a natural and organic way to feed your lawn.

Loosen up!

Over time, the weight – of us running through the yard and throwing a Frisbee at Fido; rain pounding down as the skies open up; the backyard furnishings that allow us to expand our living spaces – weighs down on the earth.

This weight causes the soil beneath the grass to compact, becoming denser and denser. With this process, your roots struggle to breathe and to hydrate. Soil compaction smothers the ability for the roots to live – and aeration swoops in and saves the day by loosening it all up!

Overseeding: the perfect business partner

As incredible as aeration is, it can’t do its job alone. Without new roots, why create pathways? While breaking up thatch, what’s going to replace the old with the new? What is the purpose of aeration without the ability for stronger and livelier grass to grow?

These questions are ultimately answered with partnering aeration with overseeding. A short period after your lawn is professionally aerated, it’s time for your green friends to return and overseed, filling the pathways created with a new and healthy life. A life that will drink from the rivers of air, water, and nutrients aeration has made.

Don’t be a renegade – gather the crew.

There are DIY projects that can be a blast to do – and can yield excellent results. Your landscape, lawn care, and maintenance, and aeration, and overseeding may not be one of those. Without the years of skill honed to a fine point, the equipment trusted by only the top professionals, and the time to dedicate, these tasks can damage your yard beyond repair.

Your pros here at Divine Lawns have all the right stuff to provide your grass with the sweet nectar of life via perfectly created pathways with exceptional aeration. A well-aerated lawn isn’t just thriving; it’s Divine!

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