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Our pets are part of the family. There is no question about that. For most of us, we would say our pets might be our favorite members of the family. For others, our pets are our children. We take them almost everywhere we go (some always), and there is no question they are a big part of our life. 

We want our pets to enjoy our backyards, lawns, and landscape just like we do. When planning for a lawn or landscape, people often forget to think about who is using it. If we have children and pets, we should have a child and pet-friendly landscape or lawn so that everyone can enjoy it. 

That is what our blog is going to be about this week. How can we help you plan or create a pet-friendly lawn or landscape this spring? We will be discussing things like:

  • Pets vs. Landscape/Lawn
  • How to have designated spots for pets
  • Keeping pets out of certain areas
  • Pet care when outside

This blog will help anybody thinking about a safe play space in our outdoor area for our pets. Hopefully, it will help you remember to consider kids and pets when updating, fixing, or creating an outdoor space. 

Before we get into the topic, here are a few reminders about pet care during the spring season:

  1. Make sure your dog is taking its heartworm and safeguard, especially if it is spending time outdoors. 
  2. Depending on the size of your space, ensure your dog gets exercise outside. 
  3. Be aware that if your dog gets red or red spots on its belly, it may have allergies! 
  4. Always have your phone nearby because dogs in nature are always photogenic! 
  5. Always have water for your dog to drink, especially as the weather gets warmer. They need to hydrate too! 

Now with those quick tips, let us get into the blog, shall we?

What kind of damage can my dog do to my landscape?

Now some dogs do have tendencies that are not great for your landscape. Some dogs may dig holes on your lawn to bury things, which can lead to weeds breaking through the soil and, of course, more work for you. 

The biggest threat your dog brings to your lawn is, in fact, urine. Grass and urine do not go together, and it can lead to dead spots, disease, and fungus and will definitely be a noticeable spot in your outdoor space. The suggested thing to do is actually have a hardscaped area in your outdoor space that would be ideal for the dog to use.

Should I have designated spots in my outdoor space for my pets?

The good thing about the hardscaping area for your dog is that it would require little to no maintenance since it is brick or concrete. It can be used as a place for your dog to use the bathroom if they don’t go during their walk. In fact, stone and masonry seem to be the most suggested version of hardscaping areas for outdoor spaces with pets because it prevents them from digging as well, and it is terrific against wear and tear. 

How do I keep my dog out of places on my lawn or landscape?

We understand you do not want your dog all over your outdoor space, especially with the money, detail, and time you put into making it look amazing and upkeeping it. A simple solution to having pets stay away from certain areas of your outdoor space, for example, a garden or flower bed, is recommended to put up a fence. 

Fences work two ways here. Fences around gardens are not the ugliest thing. In fact, people have fenced-in gardens even without having pets. Small wooden or lattice fences look great with flowers and gardens in them and also look great on your landscape. They are also the perfect defense (see what we did there!) against your dog’s getting you’re your unwanted outdoor spaces.

Another suggestion is placing chicken wire around trees, hedges, and shrubs in your outdoor space. This is used to prevent dogs from getting too close to them, picking up a scent, and using the bathroom. This will also prevent them from “marking their territory” so they do not continue to visit those spots. 

The last suggested thing to do is creating a “dog path”. This is often used for fenced or walled-in properties where dogs can be off a leash and free to roam. To keep dogs and their foot traffic off your lawn and gardens, people sometimes put stone pathways or create walkways for the dogs to use, so they have a direct path to walk on, keeping them away from the rest of the property. 

Stone pathways are also very esthetically pleasing and a great addition to any outdoor space! 

Are there any dangers to my pets while using my outdoor area?

There are some dangers for your pets as well. Preemergent sprays and post-emergent sprays can be harmful to your pets as well as your children and you, so you want to make sure if you apply any herbicide to your property that you keep dogs away for at least the day. Take the dog out in the morning, spray and then try not to bring the dog back out to that space till the nighttime or the following day.

Another thing to research is the type of grass and plants on your property. Some types of grass and plants can be harmful, dangerous, and even poisonous to your dogs. Make sure you do your research and make sure there are no harmful plant life on your property for your dog, and if there is, the best thing to do is get rid of it or fence it to keep the dog away!

Do not forget any questions and support you need in creating the best possible outdoor space for your family and pets. Professionals like us are here to help! We can discuss landscaping and hardscaping options that will benefit your entire family and still keep the great look of your outdoor space!

At the end of the day, remember that your pet is too cute and will get out of trouble quickly, so you want long-term solutions!

So, call Divine Lawns today as we are always here for you! 

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