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Memorial Day is almost here! This holiday is the first unofficial celebration of the “summer” and a day that kicks off a season of fun.

Of course, it ends up happening that Memorial Day is often the date planned for the first BBQ of the year. We all know that in Kansas, we do things right! We are here for some BBQ and sports! As football has some time to go, BBQ season is here! (For now, we can watch baseball and the NBA playoffs!) 

In celebration of Memorial Day, we wanted to write this week’s blog about an American staple, the famous Memorial Day BBQ. Unfortunately, this blog isn’t written by foodies, so you won’t find any festive recipes here! (Although that would be cool!), We will be talking about what services you need to do to your yard or lawn to have it prepared for Memorial Day! 

The services that need to be done to your yard to have it ready to rock your Memorial Day celebration are: 

  • Mowing
  • Mulch
  • Irrigation 
  • Aeration 
  • Overseeding

You can navigate our website to read our previously written blogs that go much further into detail about each service mentioned above. However, this blog will address why you need to have these services done before your Memorial Day event!

Let’s the cookout begin! 

What will mowing do for my yard?

Getting a good mow or cut done to your yard and property will help keep the grass in your yard healthier and at the proper height it needs to be. The result is a pristine-looking yard with a great ambiance for hosting your Memorial Day BBQ event! 

We have been told that absolutely no one wants to go to a BBQ and see a bunch of dead grass! It leaves an unsettling feeling and the wrong impression. It honestly might be so bad that they might not want to come back or even walk on your terrible grass again

What does a good mulching service do for my yard?

Mulching is another necessary service that you should do before throwing an event, such as a Memorial Day BBQ! Mulch will bring about added nutrients that your yard or lawn will not be able to acquire anywhere else! It will also help boost the nutrients that your grass and soil received already from the fertilizing service you got done on your lawn too! 

An amazing thing about mulch is that once in a while, a situation presents itself where you are provided options of colored or scented mulch. If you get that option, a colored mulch or a wonderful smelling mulch, like a cocoa mulch, will help boost your BBQs look and feel and will definitely be something that will be talked about at your Memorial Day BBQ Cookout and probably afterward as well! 

What will a drip irrigation service do for my yard?

Here at Divine Lawns, we want you to make sure that you adequately water your grass. Hydration is key. In some instances, sprinklers are an appropriate solution to taking the work out of watering. While it is not a service we offer, we also recommend drip irrigation systems. They give each of your plants the specific hydration amounts they need and save you money by cutting your water costs. 

Drip Irrigation makes sure you are able to water your entire property properly, by setting up the drip system for every individual piece of plant life on it. Drip Irrigation is set up quick and easy and can be controlled by a smart device like Google Home or Alexa and helps you keep track of water amounts while it helps you water your plant life, including your hanging plants. 

A drip irrigation system comes in handy when hosting an event because the drip irrigation plumbing is easily concealed by your plant life or dirt and has nozzles that are barely seen when it comes to your individual plants. You also do not have to worry about a sprinkler system going off and getting your guests or lawn wet during the middle of your event. 

What will an aeration service do for my yard?

An aeration service will assist your lawn in its fight against compacted soil. Once you aerate your yard’s soil and free it from compaction, it allows overseeding to get into the roots of your soil, giving a jolt of nutrients to your soil.

You can rent an aeration machine, but it is a lot of work and skill is required. It is better to have professionals, like us, to do it for you, especially in the sense that we can then also provide our overseeding service when we are done. Since the key spring period when this is recommended has passed, we suggest you plan for this service in the fall!

Please keep in mind that foot traffic on your lawn/yard is a leading cause of compacted soil. So, if you do not have concrete or a patio to host, and your Memorial Day event takes place on your lawn, check after the event for compacted soil. (your lawn will feel spongey and bouncy) If your soil has been compacted again, you will probably need to have an aeration service provided again in the fall. 

What will an overseeding service do for my yard?

An overseeding service will also help bring back your lawn or yard from the harsh conditions it faced this winter. The service goes hand-in-hand with our aeration service. Overseeding allows your lawn a second chance for it to grow correctly after it fought against compacted soil, dead patches, and bald spots. 

It is an essential service when your yard has been through some tough times. If you want to get your yard back to pristine condition and get the green, healthy color everyone likes to see, then an overseeding service is what you need. When done after aeration, seeds are given a healthy environment in which they can grow. If you get an overseeding service before your cookout, it is possible that your lawn can be healthy and vibrant by the time your event arrives!

So, call us at Divine Lawns today and let us help with your Memorial Day BBQ!

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