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Let’s talk heroes. We are so lucky to have folks like critical first responders – firefighters, EMTs, nurses –  an outstanding military presence, and teachers who guide us through the most essential parts of our lives. Our thanks to these capeless heroes can never be enough.

There are your everyday heroes too. The mailman, out in every kind of weather getting the job done. The bagger at the check stand, willing the helping hand to get your groceries in the car. And you have your green heroes, the ones that help bring those property values up, do the chores that are the most tedious, and keep your outdoor spaces looking more than just a “yard.”

So why are we our own kind of hero? First, take a look at all that’s right about your landscaping professionals.

The Right Stuff

Have you taken a close look at how much landscaping equipment costs? We are sure that you may be able to find relatively inexpensive equipment that can be used around your yard by perusing your Amazon marketplace. But you get what you pay for.

All too often, equipment bought by those without the proper training doesn’t do the right job. Doing justice to your outdoor living spaces by making sure the best gear is being used is an excellent reason to utilize an expert’s services.

The Right Skills

The skills that it takes to mow a lawn may seem trivial at best. But let’s take a closer look. Do you know exactly how short or long you need to leave your type of grass? Do you know how often mid-July your lawn should be mowed – or in mid-December?

How about the right amount of mulch to use? What about aeration and overseeding? The skills professionals in the green industry develop are designed to help create livable outdoor spaces that can be functional and beautiful – without you having to pick up a single manual.

The Right Time

Instant results are something every American craves – immediate gratification. This tells you all you need to know about how crucial conserving time is to us. And understandably so, as time truly is precious.

One of the most important things that your landscape experts can save you is time. Imagine what you could be doing instead of mowing, weeding, or aerating your lawn. Can you picture a day at the park, that book you’ve been trying to get to, or that movie you wanted to check out? All of these activities are more than possible with the time the right pro can save you.

The Right Solutions

Sometimes, figuring out a strategy to solve a problem is best left to those who understand its root. For example, if you have brown, balding spots popping up on your lawn, you may not understand why. You may think your lawn is dying, while it could just be in hibernation.

Solutions to landscaping issues are a specialty for outdoor living spaces Extraordinaires. They know their stuff. They know the common problems for your area, your soil, your plants. And more importantly, they know the solutions to those issues. 

The Right Budget

Spending money saves you money? You betcha. Your lawn requires some pretty rigorous and regular maintenance – which ends up costing some significant amounts in equipment and your time.

Add all the tools up that you need, the additions to your bills when you aren’t skilled at what you are doing, and products that you may or not need – which may or may not be actually harmful to your property – and you have a recipe for disaster. But, on the other hand, hiring the right expert for the job can save you loads of cash in the long run.

The Right Environment

It is pretty common that when you are unskilled at the art of landscaping, you end up spending more time, money, and energy on products and other things your landscape does not need. By common occurrence is a shock to your water bill. Overwatering is one of the easiest mistakes to make in landscaping.

Not only is this detrimental to your pocketbook, but it is also harmful to the environment. Wasting water is a pain to Mother Earth and your wallet. The pros know how to make sure your lawn, plants, and flowers get the right amount of water with the least amount of chemicals to use.

The Right Value

We have said it before and will likely say it a million times more: your outdoor living spaces can provide an outrageous amount of value to your property. Landscaping is the most cost-effective method of skyrocketing your property value – at least a growth of 10%, in fact.

Using an expert in landscaping to do regular maintenance helps you with more extensive projects and everything between shows in their work. When that care for your property is the first thing a prospective buyer or client sees, that makes them want to invest in your home or business right off the bat.

The Right Expertise

To develop a skill – and execute it flawlessly – one must dedicate a great deal of time and education to its development. Since you have a job that already utilizes the expertise that you practice daily, taking time away from your already busy schedule to learn all you need to know about your lawn is impossible.

Our experts have taken years to build expertise in our field. We are always learning and innovating with new equipment and technique – and that expertise is evident in all we do.

The Right Team

So, who are these superheroes of the green? The masters of mowing? The lords of landscaping? Why, Divine Lawns, of course! Our team has turned beautiful landscaping into an art – our canvas is your home, and we respect each piece we create.

Our heroics save you time, money – and can protect you from dangers like injury (when you don’t know your equipment), heatstroke (drink water!), and a mountain of other issues. We are committed to serving our community with integrity, honesty, and the highest quality work. While we may not wear a cape, we don’t make your lawns beautiful – we make them Divine.

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