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Aerating your soil at the right time works wonders for your lawn. The process of Lawn Aeration Service and Overseeding encourages healthy growth and soil. Our lawn aeration service creates the perfect environment for your lawn to flourish.

Growing and maintaining a healthy, green lawn requires more access to light, air, and water. Our lawn aeration services in El Dorado, KS help to accomplish all of these. Also, aerating your soil helps reduce compaction. Compacted soils contain a high concentration of solid particles or heavy volume in a smaller space. Unfortunately, when your soil compacts, it acts as a barrier through which most nutrients cannot circulate.

A timely investment into our lawn aeration services successfully sets up your lawn for incredible growth and beauty. When performing core aeration, we perforate your soil with small holes to allow greater penetration and circulation of nutrients. The process helps drive more sustenance to the roots of your grass so that roots grow more deeply. Ultimately, this helps to create a healthy lawn that shows more resistance to unfavorable conditions like disease and drought.

Overseeding is a perfect follow-up to Lawn Aeration services

Core aeration primes your soil for new growth. Hence, this is the perfect time for overseeding your lawn. Overseeding encourages new growth and a thicker, greener lawn. As more grass blades start sprouting, your lawn appears more vibrant and pleasing to the eye.

Also, we take this opportunity to place extra emphasis on patches of thinner grass. This helps to balance out the appearance of your lawn and eliminate any areas with poor density.

Our experience and expertise in the lawn care industry allow us to identify which seeds are the superior choice for your lawn. We use a variety of seeds that boast a high germination rate to enhance the diversity of your lawn.

Combining our aeration lawn services with overseeding helps to fortify your lawn. Having stronger grass means that disease, weeds, and insects pose less of a risk. Alternatively, weak grass becomes extremely susceptible to infestations, weed growth, and other diseases.

Slice seeding offers a more precise method to increase germination

Slice seeding is another method to get older lawns looking healthier and more attractive. Slice seeding also thickens your lawn, increasing its ability to fight off weeds. Slice seeding improves the seed-to-soil contact ratio and can be as much as 60% more effective at increasing germination than simply scattering seed indiscriminately.

It makes sense to slice seed your lawn every few years because grass’s ability to reproduce decreases over time. Slice seeding is also good preventive medicine in that it makes it more difficult for weeds to get a foothold in your lawn. It is often a good idea to use a variety of grasses to keep your lawn greener and more attractive, though some lawns may need specific grasses.

Slice seeding works best on lawns that have been mowed very short. The point of slice seeding is to maximize precision which is very difficult to do if the soil is obscured by long grass blades. Slice seeding works by machinery digging into the soil and distributing the seeds. This brings thatch up to the surface of the lawn which can leave it looking a little disheveled.

Many property owners, naturally, want to rake up this thatch and get their lawn looking neat and orderly again. However, you must resist this temptation. A light layer of clippings overtop your lawn will help your new seeds germinate and removing them could render the slice seeding ineffective. It’s good to wait about two weeks after slice seeding before mowing or raking your lawn again.


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