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Divine Lawns offers a variety of lawn maintenance in El Dorado, Augusta, Towanda KS and Surrounding Areas. Additionally, we service both residential and commercial properties. No job is too big or too small for us. When looking for lawn maintenance in El Dorado, you can expect a prompt, professional team from Divine Lawns to get the job done


Lawn Mowing

A neatly-trimmed lawn offers beauty and grace to any property. Mowing a lawn frequently helps keep it healthy and green.


Lawn Treatment

Is your lawn struggling to take root? Fertilizer helps nourish your lawn and not only improve its appearance, but strengthen its ability to survive during harsh weather conditions.

We all love our pets, but we don’t care for them leaving behind their ‘lawn ornaments’. Divine Lawns helps keep lawns sanitary by removing pet waste from a property.


Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

Both of these processes help your grass to absorb more nutrients from their environment. This helps the grass to build stronger roots. The end result is a healthy, vibrant lawn.


Yard Cleanup

With the changing of the seasons, many leaves, limbs, and other debris start to build up on your property. Not only does this look unappealing, but it also creates a potential trip hazard.


Shrub Trimming

Nothing complements a property better than well-kept foliage. However, this requires plenty of time and effort to maintain. Having trouble keeping up? Divine Lawns will gladly step in and take care of this for you.



Good mulch is essential to the health of lawns. Mulching helps lawns and soil retain moisture and regulate temperature. Mulching also helps prevent weeds from growing in your lawn and stealing the nutrients your grass needs.


Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is key to keeping your lawn looking good, healthy, and lush. However, lawn maintenance can also be a lot of work. We offer a number of lawn maintenance services covering everything from lawn mowing to slice seeding.


Snow Removal

With snow removal services, you never have to worry about shoveling out your driveway in order to get to work in the morning. We also offer deicing and snow plowing services to commercial properties, keeping your staff and clients safe from falls and you safe from lawsuits.

Still have any doubts about lawn maintenance in El Dorado, Augusta, Towanda KS and Surrounding Areas? Contact us with your needs!


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