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Professional Lawn Maintenance in El Dorado, Augusta, Towanda KS, and surrounding areas

A well-kept lawn speaks volumes to the world, for homeowners and business owners alike. You want to be able to take pride in your home and a properly maintained lawn is key. If you manage a commercial property with a lawn, then good lawn maintenance is a good business practice. A disheveled or unhealthy lawn might lead some to think your business is unprofessional or unsuccessful.

Why is professional Lawn Maintenance is important?

Appearances matter – to your family, your neighbors, and your customers. Putting effort into lawn maintenance simply demonstrates that you put in the effort to be a respectable member of your community. It’s also good for your emotional well-being because a cluttered and unkempt lawn can make you feel unhappy in your own home.

For businesses, unmaintained lawns can cost you money because they discourage customers and clients from visiting your property. You tend to lose out on traffic that you would have by creating a welcoming, aesthetically pleasing landscape that causes your patrons to feel attracted to your location. Whether you manage a household, a business, or both, there’s a lot on your plate and lawn maintenance isn’t always top of mind, so outsourcing your lawn care to a professional can be a real stress reliever.

What goes into professional Lawn Maintenance?

El Dorado, Augusta, Towanda, and other places in Kansas experience four distinct seasons, which means lawn maintenance can cover many different tasks. The most obvious is lawn mowing. Lawn mowing is the most regular service we at Divine Lawns provide because it’s the only one that needs to be done weekly. However, not everybody has the time, energy, or physical ability to mow their lawn every week, so hiring a professional lawn maintenance company to handle your lawn mowing is just a lot more convenient and relaxing.

For commercial properties, regular lawn mowing is a business investment. Do you really want to mow the lawn of your commercial property before you open or after you close for business? As a business owner, you probably have enough on your plate as it is. Partnering with Divine Lawns for professional lawn mowing services mean your Kansas business always looks presentable and professional so that you can project the best image for your brand at all times.

Other Lawn Maintenance Services

We offer a multitude of lawn maintenance services to be performed year-round and seasonally. Mulching and fertilization might be annual or semi-annual jobs for some lawns. Lawn aeration and overseeding might be required annually or every other year and then there are tasks such as shrub trimming and yard cleanups which can be done on an as-needed basis.


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