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Lawn overseeding is a grass maintenance technique that involves seeding an already established lawn. You might think that once a lawn has taken root that it will seed itself and gradually fill in. While this is partially true, as your grass starts to mature, its growth rate as well as the production of new grass begins to slow, making overseeding essential to fill in bare or thinning patches.

Lawn overseeding is both a proactive and reactive measure to keep your lawn looking full, healthy, and greener than ever. Proactive overseeding prevents bare spots from forming and reactive overseeding addresses issues as they become visible. These include thinning, bare spots, or lack of growth. Routinely scheduled overseeding is the most recommended as it is easier to prevent lawn problems than it is to resolve them.

Divine Lawns offers services in El Dorado, Augusta, Towanda, and surrounding areas all across Kansas, offering lawn overseeding as well as all of the essential lawn care services. We have a very knowledgeable team with years of lawn maintenance experience that can address any lawn care problems you may have. We know the best time to overseed your lawn and implement techniques that will get you the best possible results. We take care of the manual labor and clean-up so that you can enjoy your beautiful lawn, worry-free.

What are the Benefits of Overseeding?

Overseeding is an important part of the health and appearance of your lawn. When it is done correctly, it can revitalize your lawn’s growth potential, keeping it looking full and healthy while also warding off invasive plants. Below is a list of benefits associated with lawn overseeding.keep your lawn full and healthy

1. Lawn Fullness – As your lawn grows, it’s possible for patches and bare spots to form leaving unsightly gaps in your lawn. Other than ruining the appearance of your lawn, it also creates an opportunity for invasive plant species to take root and compete with your grass.

2. Lawn Health/Growth – As previously mentioned, your grass’s production rate slows as it reaches a stage of maturity. Overseeding provides your lawn with fresh seeds that can refresh your lawn’s growth potential. This new seed provides fresh growth that fills in the gaps where your existing lawn is struggling to keep up, keeping growth steady and uniform.

3. Weed PreventionTo put it simply, the healthier your lawn is, the less susceptible to invasive species it is. As soon as weak points open up, it creates an opportunity for invasive species like weeds and other plants to grow and compete for resources with your existing grass. We all know how unsightly weeds can be, but even other species of wild grass can grow and ruin the clean, uniform aesthetic of your lawn.

4. Seasonal Growth – If you are looking to maximize your lawn’s growth potential, you can actually overseed seasonal grass to enable lawn growth year-round. For example, if you have warm-season grass which becomes dormant in cool weather, you can overseed with cool-season grass at the change of seasons to keep your lawn full and healthy.

When is the Best Time to Overseed?

The answer varies depending on the local climate as well as what kind of seasonal grass you currently have. As a general rule, if you are in an area that experiences cold weather or frost, you should overseed approximately 45 days before the first signs of frost to fortify your lawn for the cool season. You should overseed again in the spring when there is no risk of frost.

In warmer climates, lawn overseeding should be done in the winter months when your warm-season grass has entered a state of dormancy. This strategy allows you to have full, healthy grass all year-round. It is always a good idea to consult a specialist who can identify your existing grass and implement a strategy to keep it healthy and growing. Overseeding is a process that requires preparation and is best left to professionals who can ensure optimal results. You can trust the team at Divine Lawns to deliver the results you have been dreaming of!

Pairing Aeration with Overseeding

prime your lawn for growth

Aeration is another lawn care treatment that primes your lawn for growth. Overseeding and aeration are two services that are often mentioned in the same sentence, and with good reason! Aeration removes small cores of soil from your lawn, opening it up to an increased flow of oxygen, nutrients, and hydration. It also breaks apart the layer of ‘thatch’ that can accumulate on the surface of your lawn. If this layer is left to accumulate, it can seriously inhibit the growth of your lawn as it prevents nutrients and hydration from reaching the underlying soil. Attempting to overseed on top of a thatch layer will dramatically limit the amount of seeds that take root and prosper.

Lawn aeration offers its own benefits to your existing grass, following up by overseeding just amplifies the results, giving you a much greener and fuller looking lawn. These holes provide the perfect conditions for seed growth as they are loosely packed, nutrient-rich, well-hydrated pockets of soil. This method of lawn overseeding also gives the seeds a better chance of taking root in the base soil below.

Take the First Step Towards a Greener, Fuller, Healthier Lawn!

The specialists at Divine Lawns in Kansas have years of experience in lawn maintenance and professional landscaping. We have a passionate, motivated team of lawn care professionals who utilize their expertise to get you a healthier, greener lawn. Overseeding is an important part of a healthy lawn, but it is only one piece of the lawn care puzzle. We offer a complete lawn landscaping service that includes everything from grooming and appearances, to growth management and weed prevention.

If you have any questions about overseeding or any of our other services, reach out to the specialists at Divine Lawns! Call or visit our contact us page to email us directly. Lawn overseeding is one of the best ways to ensure a fuller, greener, professional-looking lawn. Reach out to the professionals at Divine Lawns to learn more!

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