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Mowing is most likely one of the simplest services we provide here at Divine Lawns. Ironically enough, mowing incorrectly happens to be one of the top lawn care mistakes people make when it comes to their lawns every year.

Lawn care is a vitally important aspect of having, owning, and maintaining your property. It is a similar concept that we have as human beings of caring for ourselves. Similar to that, our lawn needs caring for too, and we need to provide that care. 

With a simple lawn care service such as mowing being a common top-level mistake people are making, we wanted to take this time and dedicate this blog to clearing up some misconceptions.

It is the spring season, and that time of year is the most crucial time to care for your lawn. It is the time of year in which you want to get your lawn back in shape from the harsh winter it went through and bring it back to life to thrive and bloom from the spring into the summer and again through the fall season. 

Do not forget that we here at Divine Lawns are ready and always here to help you with all of your lawn care needs and provide lawn maintenance services for your property year-round. 

We said before that this spring season is an important one in terms of lawn care. Mowing is actually the end goal of your spring lawn maintenance schedule. It would help if you got all other lawn care services done, like aeration and cleanups, so that you can mow or make your first cut of the season this spring. 

In fact, early May (NOW) is when you want to have your lawn healthy and established enough to mow consistently! 

What effect can mowing have on my lawn?

Mowing your lawn is a crucial part of maintaining the overall health and well-being of your property. It also ensures that your grass is able to get the proper nutrients it needs to continue to stay vibrant and bloom. 

Many people do not often recognize that when your cut or mow your lawn to a certain necessary height, that is for a particular reason. If your entire lawn is at the same equal height, it makes it simpler for water to reach and hydrate your entire lawn, without you having to worry about obstruction or other parts of lawn life, like taller grass, taking the water away from the rest of your turf. 

The height and width of your lawn also allow air and other nutrients to get beneath it and into the roots to encourage growth while maintaining your lawn’s health. That is why mowing in itself is a very important service for your property and needs to be taken very seriously. You cannot just mow to say you mowed; you have to mow for reasons. 

What is the required height for mowing?

Getting your lawn to the required or suggested height is very important. The “required” height that the grass on your lawn should be at all times is two and a half to three inches in height always. 

This is the proper height to make sure that your lawn will be in its healthiest form during your lawn’s peak seasons (Spring-Fall). 

It is imperative that when you mow your lawn in an attempt to get it to the required height, that you do not cut more than a third of the grass’s height during one cut or session. So, what that really means is you cannot let the grass on your lawn just continue to grow, and if it is extremely overgrown, you may have to mow multiple times before you reach the required height of two and a half to three inches. 

Whenever your lawn is being mowed, whether by you, a friendly neighbor, or by a professional like us, you want to make sure that your lawn is being mowed properly and that it is keeping the right height to take in the required nutrients it needs, while not causing any damage. This will help your lawn stay healthy and in the best shape, it has ever been all year long. 

What common mistakes are people making when it comes to mowing their lawn?

Actually, there are two mistakes you can make when it comes to mowing a lawn. You can either over-mow your lawn or under-mow your lawn. These mistakes are made when people mow for the sake of mowing because they think it has to be done, and so they do it, just to do it without thinking about how or why they should do it, without taking into consideration everything we mentioned in this blog. 

Mowing your lawn, just for the sake of mowing it just so it becomes shorter, leads to over-mowing. You do not just mow your grass to do something outdoors, or to escape your family, or because you forgot when the last time you cut your lawn was. The mowing process is not about saving you time by doing it as many times as you can. In fact, you are actually doing yourself and your lawn a disservice by consistently mowing

By over-mowing, you are damaging the roots of your lawn, which in turn is damaging part of your property. Causing damage to the roots messes with all the required nutrients your lawn needs to stay healthy and bloom. By over-mowing, you are not allowing the roots of your lawn to take in the nutrients it needs to survive and prosper during its peak seasons like spring. 

In fact, the only way to truly make sure your lawn gets mowed correctly and is able to stay healthy all year long, without mistakes being made, is by hiring a professional. 

So, call the professionals at Divine Lawns today!

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