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Mulching can do wonders for your Kansas lawn or garden. But choosing the right type of mulch, calculating the right amount of mulch, and using mulch correctly can be very difficult tasks to figure out. Mulching services can help…and not just help the health of your lawn or garden. Actually, the right variety of mulch can add a great aesthetic quality to your property. But just how does mulch promote plant health and growth?

How does Mulching boost plant health?

Lawn and garden mulch works in three principal ways: mulch retains water, it defends against weeds, and it moderates temperature. All three are key to maintaining a healthy and luscious lawn or garden in Kansas. Water is necessary for all life, but it can evaporate quickly. However, this is not true when you add mulch into the equation.

Mulch retains moisture preventing it from evaporating. Your grass or plants can then draw that moisture out of the mulch. Without lawn and garden mulch, the plant life on your property will either dry out or you’ll have to spend extra time and money adding more and more water to it. Ultimately, mulching is better for the environment and better for your wallet.

Of course, even nice and dewy lawns can fall prey to weeds. But while weeds steal water from grass and other plants, mulch can get it before the weeds and keep it for the plants. Furthermore, a layer of mulch keeps soil cool and damp, which is great for plants, but weeds want warmth and light. And while mulching keeps your plants cool in the hot Kansas summers, it does the opposite in the winter, keeping plants warm and helping them survive the coldest months.

Lawn and Garden mulch adds an aesthetic value, too

Have you considered how mulching improves the look of your property? Mulch comes in different colors; choose the one that works best for your aesthetic. Do you like earthy tones? Brown and reddish mulching add a wonderful pastoral air to your property. If you’re looking to brighten up your property, you can choose a lighter shade of lawn and garden mulch. Not sure what would look best for your property? Ask a professional at Divine Lawns!

To get the best Horticultural and Aesthetic value out of your Lawn and Garden Mulch, Contact Divine Lawns!

Which mulch is best for the aesthetic of your Kansas property? How much mulch do you need? When is the best time to install mulch? In the autumn to keep your lawn or garden warm during the winter? Or during the spring when the soil is most fertile? Or maybe both?

Divine Lawns can answer all your mulch-related questions. We service residential properties to make you love your home even more and commercial properties to help you project the best image possible for your business or brand. To learn more about the mulching services we provide in El Dorado, Augusta, Towanda, and surrounding areas in Kansas, please contact us today via our website or call us at (316) 531-4883.

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