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Everyone has been looking forward to 2021 and hoping it brings more joy than 2020. If last year was not your year, don’t fret. We can say with about 99% certainty, it was no one’s year. To be honest, this year isn’t off to a great start either. But since we are only a few days in, there is still time to add an extra resolution.

It is time to change your mentality and mindset when it comes to your lawn care. This can still be the year that you achieve your best lawn results! Obviously, we are here at Divine to help you with all your lawn care needs, even if that just means giving you advice so you can do it yourself! If 2020 taught us anything, it is to always be prepared. We are here to prepare you for lawn maintenance throughout the entire next year. That’s right, the entire year! So buckle up, it’s going to be a long ride!


fertilize your lawn before the first frost

Let us begin with the current situation. Don’t worry, not the one in America! That topic is a little too heavy for us to cover here. We are referring to the season we are already in…winter! Hopefully, you have already taken some precautions for your lawn to be protected from the harsh frost and weather conditions. These may have included getting a final cut before the season really kicked into full gear, or possibly adding some winterizer. It is also recommended that you aerate and fertilize your lawn before the first frost. We’ll talk more about that later!

There are other things you can do to help benefit your lawn during the winter months. First, make sure you try to avoid any and all traffic (foot traffic, not road traffic). That kind of traffic tends to cause damage to the lawn, especially during frosty conditions. We do not just mean human feet. Keep your pets off the lawn too! They can kill frosted plants by stepping on them.  You should also continue maintaining the lawn by removing any leaves that may still be on your property. If too many leaves build up, they can smother your grass or lead to snow mold.

If the winter maintenance is too much for your busy schedule, remember that we are here to help with seasonal clean ups and snow removal services.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for your lawn! Winter can sometimes take a toll on your grass. To get ahead of that problem, make sure you start your cleanup early into the season. You want to definitely clear out all debris, leaves and dead grass. After you have cleaned up your lawn, make sure you aerate the soil to ensure it gets moisture and oxygen. Next, apply your weed killer. Once these two steps are complete, you can then apply fertilizer.

A common mistake is often made during this time of year. People tend to forget to turn on their water or irrigation system. It should also be checked to make sure it is working properly. Also, as the spring season continues to unfold, make sure you are mowing your lawn on a regular basis to help your grass remain as healthy as possible. During the mid to late spring season, it is time to apply mulch. Remember, if you do not want to put the mulch on yourself, we are here to help! It can benefit the plant life on your property in a variety of ways.


your lawn on high temperatures

Summer is that season where you want to relax and take a swim to beat the heat. It is also a popular time for vacations. With all of that going on, it can be easy to forget about your commitment to your lawn. But remember the popular song lyrics? School’s out for summer! When you want some time to yourself and a break from entertaining the kids, go take care of your lawn! Summer is one of the most difficult times for lawn maintenance, so it will provide you with numerous opportunities to escape.

You do not want your lawn to dry out because of the high temperatures and strong sunlight during this time of year. To avoid this happening, it is recommended you water your lawn twice a day. Watering it in the morning and evening will help prevent your lawn from drying out. It will also prevent weeds from stealing your grass’ much needed water. A great combination of drip irrigation, along with spray heads, will help your property reach its optimal hydration levels. Before your lawn begins to get drier, make sure you apply another round of fertilizer.

Summer is also that season where insects and pests tend to show up at your lawn’s door as unwanted guests, along with their equally obnoxious friends, crabgrass and weeds. No one wants them around, so make sure you apply all your herbicides and insecticides during the summer season. Mowing is also key during these months. You want to mow your lawn on a consistent basis so that your grass reaches the right height for optimal health and vitality.


Fall is the perfect season for fertilizing and seeding because your grass tends to grow better in cooler temperatures. When you apply your fertilizer, make sure you use a high-quality product to ensure your grass receives the best nutrients. Again, you will have to make sure to aerate your lawn to provide moisture and oxygen. Afterwards, make sure you seed your ENTIRE lawn! You may want to focus on the bare spots, if any, but cover the whole surface. Throughout the season, watering and mowing your lawn will be important. It is also key to keep up with seasonal cleanups to ensure that autumn leaves do not smother your grass or cause disease.


We hope this review of your lawn care for an entire year was helpful. It may seem like a daunting task, but once you see the results it will be worth it! As always, Divine is here to help with any outdoor needs that you do not want to handle yourself. We look forward to working with you and aiding in servicing your property. We are proud to provide high quality services to the residents of El Dorado, Augusta, Towanda and all their neighboring areas.