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Do you care about appearances and preserving your property? If so, property maintenance is essential for your residential and commercial properties in Augusta, Kansas. You want your home to be perfect, or at least as perfect as possible, and for that you need a professional property maintenance team you can trust. Working with Divine Lawns offers greater peace of mind, giving you the comfort of knowing you’re working with a company of skilled property maintenance experts.

Commercial property owners should pay special attention to their property’s condition as the image you send to the public with a professionally manicured lawn conveys care and attention to detail.

Ask us about our flower options for your property. - Towanda, KSWhat’s the Value of Hiring Professional Property Maintenance Services in Augusta, KS?

Many people enjoy gardening and mowing their lawn. If you fall into that category, you might be questioning the value of outsourcing your property maintenance responsibilities. However, we at Divine Lawns do offer lawn mowing services for those who find that particular task tedious, or for those who manage commercial properties with large lawns, but we also offer many more property maintenance services. Which is good because lawns need a lot more than just mowing to stay healthy and beautiful.


A comprehensive lawn maintenance program is nuanced and very time-consuming. We understand that most property owners don’t have the equipment, time, or resources to handle it on their own. Do you really want to take on the overseeding and aeration that most lawns need every once and awhile? These are time consuming tasks and that’s not even including the time it would take to learn all about aeration and overseeding before you start it.

If you manage a commercial property in Augusta, do you really have time to devote to tasks such as weed control or snow removal? Managing a business means your attention is drawn in a hundred different directions at any given time. You don’t want to find yourself with a parking lot covered in ice and snow and facing a lawsuit because a customer took a bad fall.

What property Maintenance Services Are Available in Augusta, KS?

Divine Lawns provides services that lawns occasionally need. For example, aeration helps the air flow of lawns and soil, ensuring healthier growth. Overseeding is required because grass loses its reproductive fervor after a few years and overseeding helps to keep lawns full and luscious. Then there’s mulching, which helps lawns retain moisture, repels weeds, and moderates temperature. Mulching might be required as often as multiple times a year.

There are also lawn and property maintenance tasks that need to be completed far more regularly. You can’t afford to have snow and ice build up on your property as it’s a potential safety hazard. Unkempt lawns aren’t a safety hazard but hiring Divine Lawns to mow your lawn regularly means you never have to worry about it, you just get to come home or to work and always see a well-kept lawn. These are just a few of the services Divine Lawns offers to residential and commercial properties.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing your Property Maintenance Needs?

Having your property professionally tended to by Divine Lawns means more than simply not having to do taxing labor yourself. It means you have professionals looking over your lawn who can tell you if something is amiss or if there is a growing issue. Professional property and property maintenance means your home always looks nice and your business always looks professional.

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