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We have written mulch blogs in the past, but it has been a little while since we discussed this topic! Just because it hasn’t been brought up lately doesn’t mean it isn’t on our minds! Mulch is a crucial component of your landscape, so make sure you don’t forget it this season! In case you forgot, here are seven reasons why you should be mulching.

Before we begin, we want to remind you that Divine Lawns provides this service, and so mulch more! So, get in touch with us if you need our team to spread out and service your property too! (Sorry! We will try to limit our mulch puns moving forward!)

So, let’s get into the main reasons for mulching now!

Let’s Block Out the Heat

What happens to your beautiful skin when you become excessively exposed to the sun’s rays? Some serious soreness – get out the aloe vera because you’ve been burned, and you’re going to need some lotion and TLC to recover while you sport a new, lobster-like look!

Your lawn’s soil isn’t that different from your skin when it comes to the sun’s rays. The sun tends to dry out your turf and stops moisture from forming in the soil. Moist soil is one of the most pivotal parts of maintaining your plants and ensuring they grow, stay healthy, and ultimately flourish.

Mulch helps sustain the required temperature of your soil, controlling it to reach the proper temperatures, staying cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

Upping Fertilizer to the Master Level

Your fertilizer does a very essential and needed job by bringing all of the required nutrients to your soil and plant life. But what if you could upgrade your fertilizer even more with something fabulous and wholesome?

Mulch that comprises organic material has all the nutrients of fertilizer and some bonus ones too! The mulch gradually breaks down but continuously delivers those excellent nutrients to your lawn’s roots, saving you some money when it comes to fertilizing your lawn.

Throwing Shade at Shady Setting

Tongue Twister for you!

Bare soil is pretty susceptible to damage without the proper protection from the sun. While trees and plants and other forms of plant life need the warmth from the sun’s rays to soak in and use, they obtain that type of energy through their leaves and stems too.

The roots of your plant life need to be allowed some time away from soaking in the sun and its rays to preserve all the nutrients that aid in their growth. Mulch provides a natural “shade” or barrier from the sun for the seedlings buried deep within the soil of your lawn, allowing them a chance to obtain the water and air that are necessary for them to grow and thrive.

Everyone wants some “Me Time.”

Free time for yourself, especially these days, is truly priceless. Spending time relishing in your wonderful lawn and landscape is cherished and can build extraordinary memories with your friends and family. Swapping out free time for lawn and landscape maintenance can be a pretty disappointing deal.

When it comes to saving time, mulch is here for you. As we said, mulch offers shade where it’s needed. Mulch keeps moisture locked in and the temperature just right despite the season, saving you time when it comes to things like a watering schedule, weeding, or measuring what your soil is doing. Weeds tend to be less of an issue with the help of mulch, so you aren’t spending time pulling invaders from your soil.

Saving Time and Now Dollars!

Once you have decided, picked out, and applied some beautiful mulch to your property, you instantly start to benefit. You should be able to see some differences in the color and health of your shrubs, flowers, and plants right away after you first apply the mulch. However, there are even more benefits getting received beneath the soil of your lawn that you won’t be able to see, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

When a great thick cover of mulch is concealing your landscape, the soil can keep in and preserve the right volume of water, which is a crucial benefit for your lawn and property. With mulch applied on your lawn, it is less likely that there will be things like water buildup and puddles, and so the soil of your lawn will be able to drain better and more cost-effectively, saving you money on maintenance and services long term.

The Hero We Were Hoping For

While you are motivated to grow your plant life, such as your shrubs, beautiful flowers, and trees, chances are you don’t feel motivated to cultivate a bunch of repulsive weeds. Whether you run the risk of chickweed or henbit on your lawns and in your gardens, weeds are not very easy to eradicate. They are a huge problem to have on your lawn and property.

Enter the hero we hoped for – mulch! Mulch does an outstanding job of ensuring there is absolutely no space for weeds to occupy your wonderful lawn, garden, or landscape.

Mulch is a Friend of the Environment

Let’s take a moment to list the remarkable benefits of inorganic mulch:

  • It needs to be replaced less frequently!
  • It has an amazing look to it!
  • Works well when it comes to preventing weeds!

While inorganic mulch has a better effect on your wallet long term, organic mulch is the king at being green.

Because organic mulch is a non-threatening and natural product, you can reuse it, which is great for the environment. This happens because it breaks down and feeds the earth what it has taken from it.

Another great thing to do when it comes to mulch is to hire a professional to help guide you through the process and then provide a mulch-desired service for you to reap the benefits of adequately done services!

So, call the professionals at Divine Lawns today!

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