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Shrubs add a level of variety, style, and decor to your property. Shrubs require plenty of maintenance and upkeep. Many property owners have trouble keeping up with their shrubs or even worse – they give up on them completely. Our team of experienced professionals handles all shrub trimming services in El Dorado, KS, and related tasks with ease.

When a shrub grows uncontrollably, problems start arising. As the leaves and branches start growing excessively, the shrub takes on a bushy appearance. Adding to that, the excess leaves tend to blanket the interior branches. This leads to greater competition for sunlight and nutrients. Ultimately, the shrub starts to wither and decay.

Frequent shrub trimming is necessary for maintaining beautiful, healthy shrubs. This process helps shrubs retain their shape. Trimmed shrubs are also more likely to grow healthy and sprout flowers, too.

Unfortunately, shrub trimming becomes a headache for many property owners. They simply cannot handle the frequency or effort involved in keeping up with them. Unkept shrubs tend to grow wirey, lack shape, and lose their flowers – which is the reason that most property owners plant them in the first place. Ultimately, they either let them grow wild or end up removing them altogether.

Fortunately, there’s no need to take either of those actions! The team at Divine Lawns specializes in shrub trimming, lawn care, and landscaping. We’re ready to take on all of the heavy liftings so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a beautiful lawn.

Also, it’s important to note that trimming a shrub improperly potentially weakens it, causing it to wilt or even worse. Don’t take that risk! Hire our experts to get the job done correctly. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to service your yard and have your shrubs looking their best. We know when to trim, how much to trim, and where to trim.


Neatly-trimmed shrubs make a beautiful, aesthetic addition to any property. However, taking care of them requires a lot of knowledge and effort. Divine Lawns is ready to take shrub trimming projects for both residential and commercial properties. Call (316) 444-6808 to set up your appointment and enjoy beautiful shrubs – without all of the hard work.

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