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Professional Snow Removal Services in El Dorado, Augusta, Towanda KS, And surrounding areas

Winter is coming. Snowy landscapes might look beautiful when you’re looking at them out your window while sitting by a roaring fire, but it’s quite another matter when you have three feet of snow in your driveway or ice all over the front steps of your business. Who wants to deal with that? We at Divine Lawns are happy to deal with it, that’s why we offer professional snow removal services to residents and businesses in El Dorado, Augusta, Towanda, and nearby places in Kansas.

Are Snow Removal services necessary in El Dorado, Augusta, AND Towanda, KS?

If you live in Kansas, you know you have to deal with snow sometimes, but it’s not like you live in Alaska or Maine. You can handle snow removal yourself, right? Well, not everybody has the time or physical ability to shovel snow out of their driveway whenever it happens. Moreover, do you really want to spend an hour breaking your back shoveling snow for an hour? Or would you rather receive professional snow plowing services that can push all that snow to the side of your driveway in a matter of minutes?

You don’t want to be going about your day, enjoying yourself, and then find your nighttime plans are cancelled because your car is buried under snow. Or worse still, you can’t get to work in the morning because it unexpectedly snowed all night. However, by availing yourself of professional snow plowing services, you don’t have to worry about any of that, your driveway simply gets plowed whenever it needs it.

Should your Kansas business invest in Professional Snow Plowing Services?

Snow removal and snow plowing are wonderful conveniences for Kansas residents, but for many Kansas businesses, these services are absolutely necessary. Think of arranging for professional snow removal as an investment in your business, much as a restaurant might invest in more energy-efficient appliances or as a business would invest in good insurance policies. If your business gets snowed in, you can’t serve any customers until you manage to dig yourself out. If your commercial property has a large parking lot, that could take all day without professional snow plowing services.

Deicing is just as imporatant as snow removal

A parking lot covered in snow is annoying but a parking lot or front steps covered in ice are dangerous. You don’t want to slip and hurt yourself, nor do you want that for any of your staff or customers. Furthermore, you certainly don’t want to deal with the lawsuits that often follow the fall of a client or employee. At Divine Lawns, we use snowplows, shovels, and rock salt to get rid of snow and ice and thereby make your property safer and easier to access.


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