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As you are well aware, spring is still here! 

With that said, we wanted to discuss some spring lawn care tips. 

Instead of focusing on one specific topic or service, we wanted to switch it up a bit and provide valuable and helpful tips for lawn care this season. 

As usual, if you need any lawn care services and have any questions or just plain support, we here at Divine Lawns are here for you. 

After you read our blog, you will see some of these tips are easy, and some may not be. These types of tips and tricks require certain things such as time, skill, and patience. We are here to tell you it’s ok if you do not have those things, we do, and that’s why we are to help! 

So, let us get started! 

Regularly maintain your lawn care equipment!

If you do not tend to hire professionals for every part of your lawn care, that is fine. (We will not hold it against you!) Just check to ensure that whatever lawn care equipment you use, have, or possibly rent is serviced and serviced correctly. You do not want to begin the spring season with faulty equipment. This is a great time to check your mower’s blades, sharpen them, and replace ones that may not live up to your standard or if they look a bit beat up. The proper equipment is a massive part of your lawn care routine.

Don’t forget about cleanups!

This is the perfect time for a seasonal spring cleanup. Just like you usually consider and tackle a spring cleaning inside your home, it’s time to do one for the outside as well! This allows you to clean up any debris or leaves that were leftover from the winter season. Once this is done, your lawn gets the necessary oxygen and sunlight it needs to be rejuvenated this spring season. It will help prevent fungus and lawn disease from causing you problems too!

Remember to get some preemergents for your weed control!

The spring season is the right time to be applying preemergents on your lawn to avoid weeds. Preemergent weed control will be your lawn’s first barrier of defense against weeds this spring season. It will target the weeds before they have the chance to break through your soil. They will also hopefully prevent any weeds from forming on your lawn all year! (NOTE: If you have crabgrass as well, this is also the perfect opportunity to avoid that as well.

Make time to edge around hard surface areas and landscape beds!

Please take some time to edge around your landscape beds and hard surfaces before your grass starts to grow out of them and possibly grow wild and free. If you remember to do this, you will get a head start to maintain clean lines and give your landscape a neat and fresh look. Edging consistently helps keep grass from getting into your bed areas and keeps them looking great!

Find a way to avoid or prevent unwanted insects and pests on your lawn!

Most people are always looking for options to avoid unwanted pests or insects from entering their lawn, such as: 

  • Moles
  • Squirrels
  • Fire ants
  • Mice
  • Rabbits

You will definitely want to look into and ask about hedge and shrub trimming service, grub control, any other viable options that will help prevent unwanted pests or insects on your lawn or property this spring! In some cases, mulching, trimming, and retaining walls are often recommended options in keeping unwanted pests and insects off your property too. Another great way to avoid pest infestations is to ensure there is no moisture or water build-up on your lawn overnight! 

Adjust the soil on your lawn!

Did your lawn have any problem spots such as dead spots or bald patches last spring or winter season? You may want to look into having your soil tested. Then, based on the results and findings, apply and adjust your soil. For example, something like lime may need to be added. Soil tests are a great thing to get done to your lawn! 

Make sure you water your lawn properly!

When that green color starts to show on your lawn, it is time to water your lawn! Please do not wait for the warm weather to arrive, as it may lead to the possibility of drought on your lawn. Do not forget that the recommended and suggested water amount for your lawn per week is one inch of water. (That inch of water includes the rainfall amounts for the week as well!) You can check out our other blogs for all necessary watering tips for your lawn. 

A few more valuable tips…

Here are some additional quick lawn care tips for you as well: 

  1. Make sure your mower blades are set to the right height prior to the cut! 
  2. Spring is also the season for mulching, fertilizing, and aeration and overseeding services! 
  3. Pull out the weeds by hand (root included) when spotted on your lawn!

 Of course, the best tip for your lawn care this spring is to ensure everything on your property is done correctly, and that is what happens when you hire a professional! 

So, call the experts at Divine Lawns today!

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