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The title of this blog is amazingly modern but may need some background info. The young generation today comes up with all these uncommon words. One of the more commonly used words today is the word “drip.” Now drip has become the replacement for swag and means stylish, lavish, clout, a sort of level of elegance and notoriety. 

As a play on words, we decided to talk about water issues you may face on your lawn, but we wanted to be fresh, unique, and modern and use the word drip. Now when we say drip, we mean a form of irrigation. But we are also referring to your lawn’s unwanted water that will cause damage and harm. 

Now that we hopefully cleared that up, today’s blog will discuss how water can be a significant problem for your lawn. So, we want to discuss it through four main points: 

  1. How can water cause issues on your property?
  2. Drip Irrigation vs. Sprinkler Systems
  3. Benefits of drip irrigation
  4. Why is a professional needed to fix the problem?

What is the one mistake people make with their lawns?

Believe it or not, the one consistent mistake people make with their lawns is how they water them. We understand that watering your property seems like a straightforward task, but some factors come into play and are often forgotten when it comes to watering your lawn. 

The crazy fact is that there are two possible ways to make a mistake when watering your lawn. You can either overwater your lawn, or you can under-water it

The factor behind it is mother nature! 

What is the right amount of water for my lawn?

Most lawn care is dependent on your individual property. However, certain aspects of lawn care are universal, such as the proper height of your grass or specific mowing techniques. Another one of the universal facts of lawn care is the needed amount of water required for your lawn. 

For a healthy and vibrant lawn that does not need support or care, the right amount of water required is an inch a week. The mother nature factor that leads to mistakes being made is that the inch of water includes the weekly amount of rainfall. 

People do not often consider the rainfall of the week when it comes to watering their lawns. This leads to the mistake and issue of over-watering. 

How do I keep track of the water amounts for my lawn?

The primary way you can keep track of the water amounts on your lawn is by checking your property for water buildup or dryness. If your lawn has water buildup, then it has been overwatered, so you would not continue to add more water to it. You may also want to sweep or remove the excess water away or find a way to bring that water to your drainage system if you have one. You want to at least remove it from your lawn because the excess water could lead to lawn disease and pest infestations. 

The disease will more than likely occur when the low and cool temperatures (often at night) combine with your wet over-watered lawn, not allowing enough time to absorb the water. Then when you go to water the following day, you run the chance of overwatering your turf or causing even more water buildup. 

If your lawn happens to be too dry because this often occurs in the summer, it means your grass did not get the correct amount of water. The next step here is to water your lawn. In the summer months, you should water your property in the morning, allowing it to be absorbed in the afternoon. NOTE: You do not want your lawn to still be wet during the night. A wet lawn at night tends to breed diseases and attract unwanted pests and insects. 

The entire process of checking your lawn proves that you have to consistently do it to ensure you are maintaining your lawn correctly and checking up on its health. 

If your lawn is unhealthy and full of disease or pests, your landscape will not be able to flourish for the season, and it will lead to the death of your grass. 

What are some options to fix my water problems?

The first quick fix is having a sprinkler system installed on your lawn. Set it up to a timer, and it will water your lawn on cue. However, as easy and helpful as a sprinkler system is, sometimes it is not your best option. Sprinkler systems cannot always be 100% accurate when it comes to watering your lawn. This is due to multiple reasons

  • Sprinklers shoot water unevenly, leaving spots on your property to lack water.
  • If you have tall grass or plants, it prevents the water from reaching the plants behind it due to the height of the water coming out of the sprinkler system. 

As helpful and convenient as a sprinkler system is, there is a better option. 

That option is a drip irrigation system that reads all the water amounts on your property and waters all your plant life with their individually required water amounts. Drip irrigation systems can be installed and set up to run via your WIFI and smart devices in your home, such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Not only will it keep track of water amounts, but it will also dispense different amounts of water throughout your property to ensure each individual plant life on your property gets the water they need. 

Why should I hire a professional to care for my lawn?

The number one solution to your watering issue is hiring a professional. We will make sure that your lawn is cared for properly. We can give you advice on watering correctly, and if problems persist, we can recommend a proper irrigation system or company to help with the water issues.

When hiring a professional, you know that the job and services will be done correctly by people who do it for a living, and that kind of service goes unmatched! 

So do not hesitate! Do not overthink! Divine Lawns is always here to help! 

Give us a call today! 

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