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The blog this week is going to discuss the most common landscaping mistakes. Believe it or not, there are a plethora of other possible errors besides the ones we are going to mention in this week’s blog. 

With that said, keep an eye out for more blogs in the future that will cover the remaining landscaping mistakes, but for now, we are sticking to the top seven. It’s the perfect time of year to cover this topic since people start to prepare their landscapes for the up-and-coming spring and summer seasons. 

The intent behind this article is hopes in which you can understand and ultimately avoid making these landscaping mistakes in the future. We also want you to have the landscape of your dreams and make those dreams a reality. 

Always remember that the team here at Divine Lawns is here to help with all your landscaping services and more! 

Without further ado, on to our topic! 

Here are your top seven landscaping mistakes: 

  • Not planning required maintenance 
  • Forgetting about landscape lighting
  • Forgetting about your landscape’s curb appeal
  • Too many styles for your landscape
  • Forgetting the seasons
  • Not creating a family-oriented landscape
  • Not properly planning the overall process

Notice that most of the top seven mistakes people make with landscaping are typically related to not being knowledgeable enough to make the right choices. That is why we are writing this blog. We want to fill in those gaps with valuable information.

You could avoid most of the mistakes people make when landscaping if you called a professional. Now, let’s delve into the details of these mistakes. 

What is so important about maintaining a landscape? 

You want to plan your landscape maintenance the same way you plan your everyday activities or life. Services need to be done to keep an immaculate and healthy landscape. For example, your garden beds need to be weeded every month. If you do not have the time, patience, or skill to maintain your landscape, then hire a professional to ensure it is appropriately maintained. 

Keeping your landscape maintained leads to a tremendous impact on your property as it increases its overall value! It is essential to plan ahead for these services because often, people attempt to make appointments when they are already overdue for maintenance. If you cannot get an appointment because you waited too long, your landscape will not look its best or remain healthy. 

What are the benefits of a landscape lighting service?

People often picture their landscape during the day, dreaming of summer activities such as tanning in the yard or throwing a BBQ for friends and family. What people do not think about is enjoying their landscape during the evening hours. Consider adding some landscape lighting. There is plenty of options to choose from, like solar or LED. The service will help illuminate your landscape and also add a sense of security to your property

What are some benefits of a well-maintained landscape? 

A perfectly maintained landscape is not only about providing a healthy growth environment for your plant life or a great place for your family to enjoy. It goes way further beyond that. What people often forget about is the curb appeal of your overall property. If your landscape brings in the much-needed curb appeal, it actually increases your property’s value and attracts potential buyers. Studies show that well-done landscaping can raise the value of a home by anywhere from five to fifteen percent. 

Should there be a style to my landscape?

When selecting the plant life for your property, make sure that plant life matches the style of architecture along with the overall theme you have in your garden or landscape. Also, consider your hardscaping as well. You ultimately want your landscape’s plant life to reflect a positive vibe on your property. 

What about my landscape is seasonal? 

The mistake here is simple. Most people purchase plant life that is in season when they buy it. However, they are not thinking about the plant’s longevity or if that plant is in season come the fall. When purchasing plant life for your landscape, do not ignore the seasons you will be using your landscape. Make sure you are buying plant life that will last throughout all the seasons you hope to spend time outdoors enjoying the view. 

How to make a Family- Oriented landscape?

The mistake many people make is getting caught up with a theme for their landscape without thinking about how they will use the space. People become so fixated on the way it will look that they forget everything else. You want to make sure that your landscape looks good but also is practical and functional for your family and the people you will host. 

For example, if you have a family with small children that will be using the space with their friends as well, then having a rock garden installed would not be the smart decision with children around. We suggest making a list of how you will be using your landscape and making sure you keep your friends and family in mind. Sometimes you have to think of people and usage before you think of the overall appeal. 

Do I need a plan when it comes to landscaping?

Absolutely! Having a plan fixes 99% of the mistakes and issues you will face on your landscape. Throughout this blog, we mentioned having a plan or keeping a list or budget multiple times. The actual plan is figuring out all you want your landscape to be and then calling a professional in for a free estimate to see if it reflects the budget you set on the landscape. 

When talking with the professional, consider that the job and services will be done correctly, the first time, by people who specialize in this process, making it stress-free for you! 

So do not hesitate! Do not overthink! 

Call us for a free estimate today! 

The Divine Lawns team is always here to help! 

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