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Whatever stage of home ownership you are in – just bought your dream home, been enjoying it for several years, or it’s been in the family for millennia – you and your home can always benefit from bumping up your property value.

Additions to your home are excellent but are often more costly than is worth the time, headaches, and possible issues. Renovations can be grand but can be even more expensive and come with many significant risks. 

One of the most cost-effective, reasonably priced, and efficient ways to make your property value take off and soar is by enhancing your landscape. When you choose to invest in giving your landscape, and hardscape features a face lift, you are choosing one of the most popular ways to increase value – over 10% in most cases! This increase far outweighs the cost of investment, offers a huge return for you, and creates an outdoor oasis of your dreams – it’s a win/win.

Are you pumped? Ready to find out more? Of course, you are! We are excited to share our top 8 tips in upping your property value game by enhancing your landscape.

1. Maintenance is a Cornerstone

Every project has a jumping-off point, something simple to start slow. Making sure that what you have and what you build stays well-maintained is a great place to start. What keeps your car running on the daily? Maintaining things like oil changes and tire pressure. What keeps your hair and nails healthy? Regular trims and taking good care of them.

Landscape maintenance is no different. Keeping your lawn mowed to the appropriate height for the grass type, and the soil helps keep it growing and strong. Aeration and over seeding will take care of any bare spots that may pop up. Fertilizing at the right times, right on schedule, can make your plants, flowers, and grass just right.

2. Throw Some Serious Shade

Keeping the sun from scorching your grass, not to mention your flowers, plants, and shrubs, can be a major chore. So how do you protect your lawn from the sun while still allowing it to get the golden rays when they need it? Trees may be the perfect answer to the missing piece of the puzzle.

Trees that provide shade to your yard are fabulous at spreading out their shadow to even the farthest stretches of your lawn and flowerbeds, offering shade during the hottest parts of the day while filtering some sunlight for the plants to drink it all in.

3. Create Depth, Texture, and Who as

When you look at the landscape of your home, you want to feel like it’s picture-perfect – with 3D glasses on. Having a landscape that showcases gentle changes in height, pops of contrasting color, and glorious use of textures that coordinate with one another to please the senses is a surefire way to get your property value skyrocketing to new heights.

A flowerbed nestled in a nice bed of red mulch, the flowers’ blooms adds a riot of color. Circling the shady trees and precious flowerbeds, rivulets of river rock, bringing earth to the surface. These elements provide depth of texture and contrast rival to any work of art.

4. Deal Yourself a Nice Deck

There is nothing more relaxing in the heat of the summer than gathering your friends and family, firing up the ol’ grill, chilling in your outdoor living space situated on a beautiful deck.

Decks have proven to be one of the best ways to raise the value of your property. The return on your investment can be upwards of one hundred percent of what you put into the improvement – and enjoying the benefits of a lovely deck? Priceless.

5. Level Up Your Landscape

Your land may contain gentle slopes, soft curves – or even some hills that are a bit steeper. Whatever the topography of your property, there’s a chance it could benefit from some change of elevation.

Retaining and seating walls serve more purpose than simply being pretty fixtures. They assist in giving your property varying levels of height. They also can help your land function better in terms of drainage and runoff. Not to mention the fact that they can serve as extra seating for your garden party!

6. Make Sure Your Space Isn’t Buggy

We all share a similar dislike for pests of all shapes and sizes. Especially the insect variety that tends to try to make a home of your home. Ensuring that your yard is regularly treated for pests that can do severe damage will help keep your value up.

Bugs and other pests also have the worst habit of taking a bite out of your home – literally. As a result, they can do some severe damage to your home, and treating the outside routinely is the first line of defense to keep your home safe and bug-free.

7. A Nice Yard, Neat Please

We all understand having a home that is lived in versus a dirty house. However, to really get your property value elevated, it’s essential to recognize that potential buyers want a home that feels like a home, but that looks like a showpiece. This means making sure that after each seasons’ challenges your landscape faces, your yard space goes through a seasonal cleanup.

Seasonal cleanups help keep your landscape healthy as well! Unfortunately, snow mold is an issue we sometimes face in our community, as an example of a seasonal challenge. Meeting these challenges head-on will show that your property is well cared for, which will entice potential future owners.

8. Stay Synergistic

While this list is fantastic, the most powerful tool in your arsenal is the tool of partnership. Coordinating with experts in the green industry will allow you to make the white choices to get that property value up, up, up!

Divine Lawns knows what it takes to see that increase to your property value that you’re looking for – and is happy to help make that cha-ching a reality for you. Our service areas of El Dorado, Augusta, and the surrounding communities don’t just deserve great lawns; you deserve landscapes that are Divine.

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