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As the seasons begin changing, Mother Nature tends to leave a mess in your yard. As the leaves and branches start to pile up, driveways become slippery and create potential trip hazards for guests or property owners. The best course of action is to handle the yard cleanup as promptly as possible. However, there’s no need for you to slave away in your yard for hours on end. Our fall yard cleanup and spring yard cleanup services in El Dorado save you time and effort.

We assist in keeping your property safe from falls, slips, and other injuries by keeping your parking lots, driveways, and other surfaces clear.

Yard cleanups are no walk-in-the-park. Also, a poorly kept yard or driveway creates a major liability for any property owner. A slip or fall can cost thousands in liability and damages – but a well-placed phone call to Divine Lawns saves you a world of trouble.

Don’t take unnecessary risks. Let the experts at Divine Lawns handle it. Our team of landscaping and lawn care professionals offers yard cleanup services to both residential and commercial properties.

Our Fall Yard Cleanup & Spring Yard Cleanup service include

  • Clearing leaves, branches, and other debris
  • Hauling away debris
  • Branch removal

Additional services available upon request

While our team excels at yard cleanups, we offer a wide variety of lawn care and landscaping services. Ultimately, we’re available to do everything it takes to get your lawn in peak condition after your seasonal cleanup.

A neat, well-kept yard enhances the look of your property and communicates to visitors that you pay attention to detail. Whether you like to take pride in your residential property’s appearance, or you want to create a more welcoming environment at your commercial property – Divine Lawns helps make it happen.


When you’re looking for a job well done from a name you can trust, choose Divine. We take pride in our work so that you can take pride in your lawn. Additionally, we work with honesty and integrity. Call us now and see why we’re the leading lawn care professionals in the El Dorado area.

Given that these services are seasonal, we generally experience a high demand for yard cleanups in a short amount of time. Hence, calling us and reserving your lawn cleanup appointment as soon as possible ensures that we get to you in a timely manner. Call (316) 348-3842 to set up your cleanup appointment today.

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